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Best in Class

by puntwothree

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Best in Class

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In the long-dark-teatime-of-the-soul, which is the time between when I reach UL and the start of the next season, my thumbs they tire of twiddling. So this is a How-Well-Do-You-Know-The-Meta post: one on which I would appreciate some feedback, because the answer, for me, is Not-As-Well-As-You-Should where plants are concerned.


The objective is to reason logically which heroes are best suited for which plant or zombie type (i.e. Berries, Imps, Science, et cetera). And I’ll start with the ones for which I have the best ideas.




I’m going Huge Giganticus. Obviously, you need to be in sneaky class: all the best Imps are there. A case could be made for Impfinity (because he has “Imp” in his name... and also creates 2 with his superpower), but remember Huge has a superpower that makes an Imp, too, and it’s a Bullseye guy. Huge edges Impfinity IMO because of the newly-minted Neutron Imp Brainy class offers. Huge can use its superpower environments + Excavator Zombie to push damage through at any stage of the game, and Neutron Imp + Imp Commander are going to generate winning card advantage, especially if you have the ability to flash them in (Brainy).




I’ll take Professor Brainstorm. I’ve done some experimenting with pure Mustache decks, and Brainstorm seems to compete most competently at UL. Obviously, you need Brainy class to play Mustaches... Waxer and Duckstashe and Viking and Kitchen Sink are too good not to. Crazy lets you add Grave Robber and Bungee Plumber, two very relevant Mustache cards that are essentially free plays with Waxer. Quasar Wizard in a Mustache deck is also very good.




I’m going for The Smash. Sports is not my usual MO, but it has the advantage of being potentially very light on Tricks,  giving you an advantage against the myriad of Trick-hate plant cards out there like Black-Eyed-Pea and Forget-Me-Nuts and Brainana and DMD. When I start seeing these cards, I stop playing Teleport-heavy decks. When I start to see a LOT of these cards, I switch to Sports, which has a better winrate than I’d probably like to admit.


Why Smash? Well, most of your good sports cards are Hearty. But Sychronized Swimmer adds another dimension to Sports decks and gives you a water presence. Beastly class also gives you i.e. Area 51, so you can stomp over DMD, without using tricks, with a zombie that can’t be dealt damage.




Give me Brain Freeze. You need a little Beastly in there to play Beasts... getting access to Cowboy is just gravy. Cowboy + Hunting Grounds probably gets you the W even without any of the other Pet cards, so it’s hard for me to justify any other Hero, as much as I might like Immortica.




I have yet to stumble on a pure Science deck I really like. I prefer Immortica to Professor Brainstorm here, but I’m not sure she’s better. Huge is also an option, but at this point I’m just naming Brainy heroes. Thoughts?




I’d like a good Gargantuar deck b/c of that 20 gem quest, not because Gargantuars are something I usually play. Having Hearty seems wise, and there are probably more Gangantuars in Beastly than anything else. So... the Smash? But Brainy has Triplify and Crazy has Wrath. I’m open to creative solutions.




Maybe Boogaloo? I don’t like this style enough to have a strong opinion.


OK, plants:




I like Spudow.




I like Rose.




I like Captain C.




I like Citron/Beta-C.

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