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Re: why do not I have new worlds

by BBnot8

Original Post

why do not I have new worlds

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why don't I have the two new world? I saw them on youtube they're called "steam ages" and "holiday mashup". 

do you have them? how can I get them?

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Re: why do not I have new worlds

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They are for the chinese version of pvz2 and only EA know if they will be released in the UK.
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Re: why do not I have new worlds

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I'm not sure that Holiday Mashup is still on, but they have 3 other exclusive worlds (Kongfu world, Sky City, and Steam Ages), with lot of new contents (zombies, plants), differents game mechanics, and a really reduce number of premium plants (like 3 I think ... yes compared to our 30 premium plants).
For some unknown reasons, it seems that these levels are exclusive and will remain exclusive to the chinese version..
Sky City has been released 3 years ago, Kongfu World 4  years ago, so it is really unlikely that EA will release them in the international version...Disappointed

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