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should i upgrade my fila-mint?


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Re: should i upgrade my fila-mint?

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Adding an extra slot was an off the top of my head idea but i think it's well worth considering as players could make an offensive OR defensive choice depending on what varieties of mintz EA can come up with.
Perhaps EA could employ me as mint development officer?
It's a long commute to EA'S evil empire hq at the north pole.
Not the most mintal idea I've heard.
I might consider it provided i get a half a Ferrari (motorcycle) and a cool uniform to impress the chicks and of course lots of gemz and coinz.
I've got stuck on that wild west boss and have blown a small fortune in coinz just to half kill dr. Zomboss but i think the way to go is to upgrade the plantz in the zen garden then try it.
I haven't even finished adventure mode and i probably won't because the constant grinding and farming for coins and pinatas has taken ALL the fun out of it so now it's a chore.

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Re: should i upgrade my fila-mint?

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True, fila-mints would be an offensive choice, reinforcement a defensive (duh!) one but also a mix of offensive/defensive if you are using pea-nuts, etc.

Plus, mints are supposed to be a reward for players that fight hard in Battlez, something that makes higher league more competitive (I don't see how it could be interesting to spend a lot in gems for gauntlets to get to the top positions every week if at the end of the week you used more gems than you won with rewards + daily ads/quests).

So what is the point to get a reward which is, so far, kinda useless for Adventure mode and totally useless for Battlez mode ?

Yes some level are really difficult and are no fun at all. Especially the ones with thoses sneaky and annoying chickens or weasels. Or the ones where you have to defend some plants and a random parrot steal it out of nowhere. It should be call Plant vs Animals and Zombies at some point x)
For Western Zomboss, use power snow to directly damage Zomboss, while using your plants, it will help.

If you wanna finish Adventure mode I would suggest Larry Tseng or Plant vs. Zombie Gameplay Youtube channels. They are doing good walkthroughs with lvl 1 plants, no prem, etc. But even with thoses, it is sometimes really tricky to finish some levels if you are not doing it at the exact same time or if zombies are coming from another spot, etc


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Re: should i upgrade my fila-mint?

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I hate those chicken
I hate those weasels
This is why lightning reed is so useful yet nobody except me seems to like him.
Show him some love.
ok i admit i only use him in adventure mode, usually on the back row where he can zap chickenz 🐔 but he also zaps miners and those annoying flying zombies.
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Re: should i upgrade my fila-mint?

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@MAGICDAVESHROOM I think you should at least upgrade it to levle 2. It's a lot more useful when there are a lot of zombies on the board because the electricity bounces from zombie to zombie deeling more damage.
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Re: should i upgrade my fila-mint?

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This is a very old thread, since then filamint has been buffed and i have two level 10s, a level 7 and level 1 filamints, which is maxed out in all my four profiles.

Mua ha ha ha!

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