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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

by Clarionz89

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lost progress on PVZ2

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the game has just crashed and after I reinstall and reconnect to google play games, it ask me for identity selection, but all selection show 0 coin 0 gem 0 mint 0 progress.  can you help me to recover the progress?

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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

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Try going into your phone's settings/ apps/ pvz2/ storage and delete the data file then try opening it through Google play store, if that doesn't work try Contacting EA HELP CENTER (below) and give them your player i.d. number.

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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

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Не могли бы вы выслать ссылку «Справочного центра», потому что она не открывается для меня (я открываю «Справочный центр» ниже, на экране появляются «Помощь в игре» и «Управление учетной записью», но ни один из них не открыт)?

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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

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1. Select Topic > Technical Support

2. Select Platform > Android or IOS

3. Select Contact Us


After That:

1. Select Issue > Game Progress Issue

2. Choose your location (if you outside USA, Canada, Ireland or Australia, just choose None of The Above/last option)

3. Put your game ID there

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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

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Clearing the cache did NOT help me. I have contacted EA about this. I've played this game since it first came out and all of my purchases and progress have disappeared. They've asked me for info, let's see if they actually fix it and restore everything. I even tried re-installing on a different device and nothing. They contacted me and offered me a few tickets, coins and gems. I told them that was unacceptable. I have receipts back to 2014 in the Google Play store. Update: The "support" person e-mailed me that my account was "restore (sic)." Of course it wasn't and everything was still gone.  I just sent them a spreadsheet containing every single purchase I have made on this game including the Google Play Transaction number. Don't lie to me.


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Re: lost progress on PVZ2

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Try deleting data, if that doesn't work give EA HELP CENTER your player i.d. number and they can restore your profile from their backups.

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