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double everything

by enormomilan

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Re: double everything

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I have Android J7 and an Android S7 that I use for PvZ2

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Re: double everything

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I'm not sure if its fixed for sure yet or not, but I'm told in email from ea that its been fixed on their end but that I must now wait for 12 hours for it to show up fixed on my end. As of this morning, my currencies doubled again except for coins and sprouts, they are stuck at 0. I just want to be able to earn and use coins again so I can play properly. Ea fixed it last week but it went back to 0. I have a few plants that need upgraded and its impossible to do so with a 0 balance in coins.

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Re: double everything

While you still have those coins i can sell you a virtual Rolls Royce or Bentley, very cheap......

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Re: double everything

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I only tried to register Nov 6th (after seeing the announcement) since it mentioned use of multiple devices which I now had with a recent upgrade to Android J7 as my primary phone.


The email registration prompts were confusing and I did try to register a few times and then I tried to use the Force Sync button (I had never noticed this before) thinking perhaps I needed to do that before I could use email registration and that was when the FUN began.


Force Sync was removed yet players are still experiencing the "double" bug !!


Symptoms are al lover the map for players and I wonder if that is due to the time and date of when they 'caught' the bug !!



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Re: double everything

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The bug finally quit doing its thing on my profile, but the damage it caused we're still working on trying to fix. They managed to edit it last week but it went back to multiplying again over the weekend. As of right now I'm waiting again to have it all updated. 29 hours passed since my last message and I had to send a new one to let them know whatever they did to try to fix yesterday hasn't worked (yet). Fingers crossed! The main problem is my coins are stuck at 0, and I can't use them or earn more whenever I win a prize. Its like its function was disabled.

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Re: double everything

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Yuk !!


My resources go to zero but return once I exit and re-enter PvZ2


I have noticed that 'earned' resources usually are deducted from the 2.147B


One exception is coins which behave any which way at any given time

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Re: double everything

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how do you guys fix this with contacing EA?! i contacted EA several times but they always say that they can't change it and they will use it as a feedback. one time i contacted they said that i needed to tell them the numbers of stuff i had before the duplication happened. i responded to it but then i got a respond back saying to tell the numbers again and what i have now. i told them that i already told it in my previous response and i can't see what i have now because then it will be doubled again so that will always change. after that they said that they are going to use it as a feedback. so what did you guys said because i am getting a little angry about the bug now

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Re: double everything

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I'm not sure if anyone else here has created a ticket with EA to have it fixed successfully aside from me. Feel free to correct me on this.


Now, my situation may be different than yours. In addition to the astronomical resources, I also had a streak-and-league reset. But when I created my case, I had my old and new player ID. That ID should have not changed on its own without manual intervention from EA. As mentioned on my previous post, they also asked for the amounts I had before the duplication but like you experienced, they ultimately ignored it at the end and just gave me a pittance for the league reset. That compensation actually cured it at that point. That's until my profile was deleted by an app crash. The profile recovery triggered the duplication bug again but that was the last time it occurred. I didn't bother to have that last duplication corrected since it never manifested ever again.


I understand your frustration. I really do. I hope somehow this post helps you. Good luck. You'll need it.

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Re: double everything

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FINALLY. so i haven't played pvz 2 since the duplication bug and i tought lets have a look and yes i am back in the iron league and my resources are not being doubled anymore. the only problem is the really big amount of coins gems etc. so do any of you guys know how to reset the resources or put back the amount i had before the duplication bug happened?

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Re: double everything

Spend, spend, spend....

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