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double everything

by enormomilan

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Re: double everything

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@lawmfw wrote:

After contacting EA, how do you know that you will not get the duplication bug again if it is not fixed ?

That, I don't know. Only an EA insider can answer that. But mine stopped. 

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Re: double everything

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@enormomilan wrote:

i also contacted EA with email but they said that they could not fix it. so how did you contact them and what did you ask

I went through the regular channels as everyone did: Through the EA help site. When I created the case, I put several issues that included the duplication, the league reset, and missing trophy. They addressed the league reset by giving me "compensation". This compensation resulted in the resetting of my resources and that fixed the duplication. I'm not sure if that was intentional or an accident.


The sad part is they ignored the amount of resources I was asking for the league reset. I gave it a rest since my primary issue was taken cared of.


Your mileage may vary. Put in as much details as you can. Good luck. You'll need it.

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Re: double everything

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So ends the chronicles of xarxee......

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Re: double everything

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May EA fly straight going forward and there will be no reason for Chronicles of Xarxee part 2 !  :-)

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Re: double everything

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EA Fly straight to where?  Of course there will be a part 2 — the tile will be obvious 


it is:  Double or nothing!  

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Re: double everything

Perhaps this could be the start of the chronicles of xarxee and goopy?

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Re: double everything

Community Manager

Hi guys, we're working on this issue, and there's some more info that may help with speeding up a fix/making sure it's fixed for everyone.


If you are affected by this, could I get your phone make, model and current OS version?

Also can I check if you signed up for email registration, when this was an option?

Thank you. 

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Re: double everything

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Sorry for the delayed response. If this site had an Android app, it would have been easier to respond. I digressed, sorry again.


Not sure if this will help as I am currently not experiencing it anymore and I have already logged a case with EA help. At it's peak, my most affected device is the Samsung Galaxy J4+ (SM-J415GN/DS) running Android 8.1.0 (Oreo).


I did not sign up for email registration but I did click on that left-side game pad icon for EA sync. And said it sync

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Re: double everything

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@xarxee wrote:

You guys are not alone. I am also a victim of that resource duplication bug. I actually documented it here and here and here. Fair warning though, those are long posts.


But to summarize, there is no cure for that. Yet. But there is hope. You better create a ticket with EA help. I know how they handle these cases and your patience might be tested. Just keep on creating those tickets with them while you are experiencing this bug. As per reddit, the devs are already working on this issue. No fix date, unfortunately.


I know this does not help much but this is the best this forum can offer you. I hope you continue to enjoy the game in spite of this.





Please mark this thread resolved if you have no further inquiries. Thanks.

I submited two tickets for help, they closed one saying it was resolved when in fact it was not. So I made another one. I was asked to uninstall and reinstall the game, and as a result, my items increased again except in my case my coins are stuck at 0 and I cannot earn more buy more or spend for anything like daily seed packs and upgrading plants! The most recent response they believe its an issue with my device / internet / etc but it has to be a bug because this was never a problem until the ads appeared and the register account option last month. They removed the registry update, but not the ads. So the problem remains. And yes I have been trying my best to be patient for over a week!

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Re: double everything

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I Hi I’m using

iPod touch iOS v12.1

iPhone 7 iOS v12.1 

IPad Air 2 iOS v12.1

iPad Pro iOS v12.1

I did sign up for email registration when it was an option 

I have for 4 profiles which I use alternately on each 4 of my iOS devices 

I have noticed that my problems started after the latest update and when I deleted the game and reinstalled from all for devices at the same time 

That is when the duplicate bug hit me until my coins maxed out 0

 I have deleted the game and reinstalled it several times but my coins are still stuck at zero 

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