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Re: Wild West day 35

by PowerToss

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Wild West day 35

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Please do me a favor, make it easier as the chickens keep getting through. Or even better: NEVER BRING THIS LEVEL UP AGAIN! Even with max level plants, I still can't beat it!

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Re: Wild West day 35

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Here a guide on how to beat the level. Following this guide you should be able to beat it 'easily' (might still need ~3-4 attempts)

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Re: Wild West day 35

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@Cartoondude135 I saved up boosted hypno and passed lv35 in 1 attempt
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Re: Wild West day 35

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If you need an edge then use your zen garden to get your plants boosted, especially hypnoshroom, spikeweed, iceberg lettuce, electric currant and wallnut.

It also helps if your plants are levelled up a bit and you don't mind spending coins like water on powerups.

It only takes one chicken....



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Re: Wild West day 35

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It is a tricky level indeed but beatable,


It requires patient, determination, concentration, skills and an element of luck.


Below is another link from one of the respected player who has done it with level 1 plants.


@PowerToss& @magicimppear 


There has been a challenge to pass this level just by using level 1 plants only -- without using any additional power ups -- that is, not using boosted plants, not spending coins to buy or using the three power ups and last but not least, not using any plant foods. 


I tried (and 'wasted/frustrated') many hours in past and still not yet manage. 

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