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I read Haemophilus' post on reddit about the new update and apparently we wanted mastery and the favourite plant feature.

I'm not bothered about the favourite plant feature but i don't like mastery, I've spent a lot of time and effort getting a few of my plants maxed out and don't like being told that they're not actually maxed out yet but require huge numbers of coins to keep up with those that use it.

Levelling up plants has ruined adventure mode levels, they're far too powerful and mastery is just going to make it worse.

This is a work in progress so I'll add things as i think of them.


*I think a high level powermint, say 7 or above, should turn into a plantfood when it disappears, which would help justify the extremely high cost in mints needed to upgrade to those levels.


*allow players with multiple profiles to exchange resources between their own profiles💎💰✋🍬


*if someone buys seed packet pinatas or bundles then with cash then give them say 10 or 20k coins to help with the upgrading costs.💰💵💸


*have powermints above level 4 turn into a plantfood when they finish.


*every time you bring out a new plant it means there are fewer seed packets for the others, raise the number and value of pinata party, daily quest and inzanity rewards (3 is just cheap).


*I suggest that those players who use mastery be put in their own league that should be crEAted for that purpose.


*I would like both streaks AND battlez league standing to be able to be saved or recovered as a priority (my biggest gripe).


*I would like to be able to reload my last battlez layout to save time, i would also like to be able to select a plant, and just keep on planting it until i tap on something else to save even more time.


*Reddit has a paid, professional pvz2 moderator who will answer questions if asked, so why can't the official forum have either her or someone else do it?


*The EA help center is not good at actually helping players with problems and just lately have been sending them back to the forums for answers, you can either get them to do their jobs properly or pay us to do it.


*Reinstate gem drops in endless and vasebreaker mode, don't have to be big, just as long as they're there.💎


*sort out the bugs, i have the feeling that this update was rushed to meet a U.S. holiday deadline, and if so you shot yourselves in the foot.

This is an old game, there's no new content that people are expecting but updates should be done RIGHT,

Late is better than wrong.


*get rid of those chEAp silver 10 coins, they make you look chEAp(er).


*replace the each 10 silver coin given for a saved lawnmower with one gem 💎


*replace mints with crowns to buy powermints, win your own score every week.👑


*Tell us what's happening BEFORE it happens, there is a news icon in pvz2 so why does nobody use it to keep us informed?

Why do i have to go to reddit to find out what's going on?


*simplify the purchase of seeds and powermints possibly with a sliding scale- there's too much tapping involved.


*put already released power mints and their seed packets back in the store on a permanent basis.


*round up the rewards for battlez prizes, round numbers always look better.



Thats all i can think of for the moment, if you want to have anything changed please post. 

Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Squeak squeak!


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I think you need to add 'Dear Santa' on the top....  Tongue out

(it is just weeks away from now, may your wishes come true)

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I second that emotion

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If you are from EA, this might be worth your time. And it may generate more (advertisement) revenue. Got your attention, EA? Read on.

This is going to be a long quick reply... And having to do it in a tiny quick reply box adds to the challenge (I have a "submit button" issue). I had some of those things mentioned above swimming in my head for about a week now but I'm not able to create new posts because of my aforementioned issue...

As a player, I want most of the items mentioned above plus a few more. For me, the masteries' league don't make sense as profiles with non-mastered plants can still win with better strategies. I have all of my world plants on masteries (except for those that don't have it like the perfume-shroom) but still got beaten (twice already) by a "player" with non-mastered plants (I quoted "player" because it feels like a bot profile). Anyways, this is just my opinion. I mean no offense, Davey.

If I were to take the developers' side (EA/Popcap), the question would be: What's in it for me (EA/Popcap)? I do understand that these changes cost real money (pay for programmers, project leads, testers, QA, etc). Here are my additions and suggestions on how these features can be monetized:

As these features rely on more ad tickets being pushed to devices, you might want to ensure your ad ticketing system is efficient enough to handle this. If you look at the other threads, it seems your ad ticketing system needs some attention.

First stop, BattleZ. This is one of the bigger pulls for old and new players. Players want those mints and power mints. Yes, we want it all. A perpetual availability of those released mints and their pinatas would be great. And we collect them by maintaining our winning streaks. But the "gem tax" (and the bots?) is hurting us (and our egos). So my first proposal: View ads to maintain the streak. We (the players) are already religiously viewing those free gem ads and the pinata party ads. So why not also do it in BattleZ? Not all players are willing to buy gems with money just to maintain a streak. You can also implement multiple ads per streak maintenance (e.g. 1 advert on first loss, 2 ads on the next, etc).

Other parts of the game also have a potential for ad revenue. So our next stop: The Endless Zones. Having a shortcut screen for the endless zones would be nice. Several swipes just to get to those zones can be a bit annoying. And for the money part, here is my proposal: You guessed it, more ads. Why not implement a scheme similar to my suggestion above where you need to view an ad to maintain the level. And as for the reward, gems of course. Maybe set a entry gate at the 50th level or so before reaping a reward. And then offering the ad-for-gem reward every 10 levels or so. Or better yet, every level after the entry level. And you can also do an "Endless Zone of the week/month" and offer more gems. Oh, the money potential is almost endless. Haha! But please don't do leaderboards for the Endless zones. For me, it would be silly (and a bit patronizing). Also add those newer/stronger zombies on the endless zones (like the pyramid head zombie in the Egypt world) if you haven't already added them.

And for the final stop: Vase breaker. Haven't heard of vase breaker? Yeah, it is not that popular with players. No benefit (as of now) for playing that part of the game. The same mechanics mentioned above can be done here. No need to elaborate further.

For the rest of my wish list, here they are: Just a few aesthetics and fixes to minor annoyances.

1. Bring back the Yeti! I miss him/her/it. And his/her/its lunchbox with gems/coins. I know the pinata hunt was the replacement for this creature but I still want it back (with the lunchbox, of course).

2. The almanac entries. First would be Thyme Warp. This plant does not have levels but the bar for recharge shows less than half way. Second would be the zombie entries. As a two-month old profile, I have two blank boxes there (don't have the yeti and another zombie at the last part). I have completed all the world levels and yet I miss those two boxes. With my old profile (now gone forever), I have all of them. If you're not bringing those zombies back (like the Yeti), why keep it in the almanac?

3. The "World key" icon. If you have used all the keys, why not hide/remove it. Having that icon there with a zero beside it is a bit annoying. As with a quick glance, I sometimes thought it was the mints icon and it can be worrying to see zero mints when you know you already amassed a ton of it.

This will be the end of my wish list (in addition to Dave's), for now.

Now for the players who would moan and groan about my suggestions on monetization, please understand that at the end of the day the developer (EA) needs to earn enough money to make it worth developing further. Again, I mean no offense and this is just my opinion on enticing EA to make those changes.

And can't this thread be pinned to the top so EA can see this?
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Bring back Yeti.  And yes, create an incentive to play Endless.  I have also thought bringing back the Gem drop would be an excellent suggestion.  I would be willing to put up with ads during Endless if GEM drop returns.

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[ Edited ]

I forgot to add the sorting of plants in the almanac. They're not even sorted by world order or first appearance. It would be great to see it in this order:

1. World plants (sorted by first appearance then by world order)
2. Gemiums (like fire peas)
3. Premiums (like electric peas)
4. Freemiums (like sling peas)
5. Power mints

Sorting by plant family would also be good. Having the "favorite plants" feature is nice but it doesn't sync between devices...

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Convenience request: Add the ability to tap plant food then plant portrait for instant refresh instead of dragging the plant food to the portrait. This tapping is faster when playing with two fast fingers Standard smile
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I think I saw a video before when Marigolds gave gems... Or was I so gem-starved at that time and I'm seeing things... Anyways, I wish EA would bring it back. 

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Another request for today: Make each of the "Piñata Hunt" to give 10 seed packets instead of just 6-8. Also the same for the "Piñata Party".

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I think you were GEM starved at the time !!


Marigolds dropped coins if they were placed on the lawn during the original PvZ


I do not ever remember GEMs being dropped.  Gems dropped randomly during play; especially during Endless rounds !!

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