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Update 7.0.1 notes

by EA_David

Original Post

Update 7.0.1 notes

Community Manager


New Plants:

  • Sling Pea

    • Sling Pea will have its own Event for you collect it’s Seed Packets through game play, additionally store offers will be available.

  • Additional new premium plant coming soon with it’s own event too!

New Power Mints:

  • Enchant-mint + Another Power Mint!

Upcoming Events:

  • Food Fight

  • Feastivus

New Features:

  • Favorites

    • You asked, and we heard you! Starting from this update by tapping on the heart icon in the corner you can "favorite it" a plant and then it will always be at the top of your seed chooser until unfavorited.This should make planting your winning lawn defence quicker!

  • Mastery

    • Take your plants to the next level… literally! With the introduction of Plant Mastery push the power of your plants even further by boosting stats (eg, ability to push through resistances, health boost or damage boost). By increasing a plant’s Mastery, that is a chance to boost your plant in order to lessen the effect resistances on plants as part of Buffz & Bruisez.

    • The higher the Mastery level (1-200) the higher the chance to overcome a resistance.

    • Mastery does not allow you to overcome total zombie immunities.

    • Keep in mind, Mastery is meant to be for the long term. You will not get to max out your plant Mastery over the course of weeks or months (Cheaters, I’m looking at you).

  • Account registration

    • To make life easier in instances where you change devices or lose your game progress, we’re introducing email registration in this latest update.

    • By registering with your email you can now attach your game progress to your email. Advantages are being able to move your progress between iOS and Android platforms, as well as a more streamlined process for technical support.

    • We will be adding more functionality shortly to accounts - stay tuned for more news in future!

Bug fixes/Improvements:

  • Caulipower scoring values restored back to normal (pre-6.9)

  • Hamsterball accidentally killing Spikerocks instantly – not any more!

  • Electric Blueberry now attacking zombies correctly, even at the far end of the lawn

  • Fixed Costume listings appearing as just sun in the in-game store

  • Dandelion’s blown seeds and where they are on the lawn is now showing correctly

  • Pterodactyl now grabbing and carrying off zombies, even basic ones

  • Primal Peashooter is back to knocking back zombies when shooting its rock-peas

  • Addressed a bunch of issues that were causing some certain crashes

  • Animation issue fixed where plants would not ‘sparkle’ when Spear-Mints were planted in quick succession

  • Spikeweed and Spikerock’s level badge now changes colour correctly when leveled up!

  • Quest progress alerts can now be dismissed quickly by tapping on them

  • Powered up Shadow Peashooter would sometimes get stuck when swallowing up camel-board-carrying zombies

  • Resolved the armor/helm zombie scoring shenanigans with King Zombie

  • Magnet-shroom now working correctly with Buffz & Bruisez

  • Zombies no longer get stuck when chomped upon by Chomper when Plant Food’d

  • Similar to the above zombie stuck-ness when dealing with certain combinations of Caulipower, Spikeweed/Spikerock and Plant Food

  • Stunion’s Poison ability (gas cloud) now only appears at the appropriate plant levels

  • Snorkel zombies no longer get stuck in the water, being creepy, due to Tangle Kelp (hooray!)

  • Toadstool’s tongue no longer gets stuck when it tries to catch a zombie after Thyme Warp’s whisked it off

  • Fixed a bunch of Toadstool interactions with other plants that was causing it to behave abnormally

  • Flag Zombies are now back in Neon Mixtape Tour and Jurassic Marsh levels

  • Squashed a bunch of different bugs associated with Squash

  • Addressed pauses in Zombie Wave spawns when hypnotized by Caulipower

  • Improved game flow after immediately playing pinata levels in-game – depending upon your progress in Adventure Mode, you will be returned back to the World screen on completion of a pinata level

  • Fixed issues related to zombie resistances to Sun Bean, Coconut Cannon, Blover, Hypnoshroom, Electric Blueberry and a few others

  • You can now purchase costumes for plants you don’t already own

  • Better damage consistency with Rotobaga’s Plant Food attack across all its levels

  • Carthead zombies now dance!

To download the latest update, please check your local Apple App Store or Google Play store!


If you do not currently see the update as being available to download, please refresh or check back later. Some local App stores globally may take longer than others to refresh and display the update being available. We don't have control over the App Stores in question so you may need to check back in a bit if you don't immediately see it.


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Re: Update 7.0.1 notes

★ Pro

Thank you for all the fixes.


Many I recognized from experience but a few were news to me.  Many folks been busy.

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Re: Update 7.0.1 notes

★ Pro

New Features:

  • Favorites

    • You asked, and we heard you! Starting from this update by tapping on the heart icon in the corner you can "favorite it" a plant and then it will always be at the top of your seed chooser until unfavorited. This should make planting your winning lawn defense quicker!



Nice new feature with the Favorite plants listed at the top !!


A drawback that I personally find disconcerting is that now it is harder to find all the other plants since the screen locations have changed !!


Any chance you can leave the original placeholder in place and move the Favorites to the top to the page ?


Whenever a 'new' plant is added this happens.  Bringing back Ghost Pepper, Sweet Potato, and Jack o'Lantern are recent examples

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Re: Update 7.0.1 notes

★★★ Apprentice

Could EA stop engaging in cheating and spinning up forced losses on players after 6 wins ?


That is deceptive, dishonest, and it sucks !



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Re: Update 7.0.1 notes

★ Pro

This thread is not the proper place to complain about that but I do feel your pain and understand it from my own experience.


Your plants are not yet strong enough to achieve a long streak in BattleZ without using even more GEMs to keep a streak alive.

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Re: Update 7.0.1 notes

★★★★ Novice

I don't get why PVZ2 is the only game where hackerz are welcomed, they created Buff and Bruizes, that was great to limit certain kind of plants to all players. Now with Mastery Plants hackers can bypass this while we play honestly. 
This Patch is amazing, but we still wait the day where you get rid of hackerz completely 

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