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Store is stuck on “restore purchases”

by 3436gje05649

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Store is stuck on “restore purchases”

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When I go into the store, it automatically tries to restore purchases. But it doesn’t work and just boots me out of the game every time. I haven’t been able to access the store in months. 

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Re: Store is stuck on “restore purchases”

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Hi @3436gje05649 


check out this thread: 


It's a known bug on iOS 14. Here is the workaround until it gets hopefully fixed:


Before you attempt to enter the store, switch your device to flight mode before doing so to avoid triggering the inescapable restore purchases loop. Once you're in that loop you can't terminate it besides force closing your game - it's an Apple process which ping's Apple's purchase servers.

Once you're successfully loaded into the store you can turn off flight mode.


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