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Sharing your Battlez experiences

by eieio_31310

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Here one of my high score in Silver league
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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I scored around 3 million while using a lvl 1 solar tomato, lvl 6 stallia, lvl 6 blover, lvl 6 chard guard, lvl 8 gold bloom, and a lvl 9 primal peashooter. The knock back and blow away strategy seems boss for this weeks zombies!


An opponent I lost to had a lvl 7 solar tomato, lvl 10 cold snapdragon, lvl 10 blover, lvl 9 chard guard + imitator, and a lvl 6 stallia and won with a score of about 4 million.


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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Just managed 943,050 despite the captain's parrot flying off with a plant!
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@Belldandy333   I tried using Gold Bloom with mid level plants (similar to your setup) and managed to get over 2 million last night.   I would say if gold bloom was not used, I would be struggling to get over the 1 mil mark.



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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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After reading of your approximately 3 million score in the Solar Tomato Tournament while using plants at comparable levels to mine, I was tempted back into the arena to see if I could match it. 


After recently being able to upgrade two of the plants used, (Blover and Chard Guard) my plants are currently - Lvl 8 Solar Tomato - Lvl 6 Stallia - Lvl 7 Blover - Lvl 6 Chard Guard - Lvl 8 Gold Bloom - Lvl 9 Primal Peashooter.


I got nowhere near to your score! Disappointed


I played twice and won both matches, but only because my opponents didn't score well either. I scored 1.6 million and 1.7 million, and found it a major struggle both times. This was partly because I kept running out of sun, despite using the plant food on the Gold Bloom and several fairly productive uses of the Solar Tomato. It was also partly down to what follows:- 


I don't know why, but for some reason my Lvl 9 Primal Peashooters seem to only rarely knock back the Zombies, even when I have 3 columns in place. (I've confirmed this by watching match recordings.) That puzzles me because I've seen videos on Youtube where people with lower level Primal Peashooters than mine are regularly getting knock backs.


When I play the single player mode they seem to knock back perhaps once in every 3 shots, but in Battlez matches it's more like 1 in 5 or 6.


A poor ratio like that isn't good in a competative environment, so I'm retreating back into my shell until the Solar Tomato Tournament finishes.



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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Finally scored over a million, twice!
The second time with plants totalling 7 experience points!
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@Humplemann   I have a few Battlez sessions last weekend and I too found Primal Peashooter seems to be less effective and getting over 2 mil was a struggle so I decided to replace it with Reinforce-mint instead. 


My highest score with this free plants setup is 2.5 mil and I can get over 2 mil with most games, I know that I most certainly would not reach 3 mil.  This has been a really tough week as I seemed to get quite a lot of opponents getting over 3 mil like the one below while the zombies in my game seemed to have lost they way over to my Battlez arena.

Lost to 3m5.PNG
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@MAGICDAVESHROOM   Great to hear from you again, would you share your winning plant selection and setup?



@BBnot8   I tried again last weekend with different selection of level 1 plants and have now found a combination which will take it over the 500K mark.

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Nice one @eieio_31310

Have you t ried with primal potatoe mine ?
Probably harder in early game since you can't cover an entire line but I think in late game it coud be really efficient Standard smile

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Yes, Primal potato mine is good for killing the big gargs but since funding is limited, I was only using the Mine + Sun Beam combo to get the initial sun for keeping my game running, I use the Blover + Primal Pea to clear them instead.

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