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Sharing your Battlez experiences

by eieio_31310

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Happened to me few weeks ago.
The guy had 6 plants lvl 10 but just one offensive plant so my bet is that he missclicked while chosing plants and directly at the beginning of the game. That or a dysfunctional bot Wondering

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Anyways, it always tastes better when you are beating an opponent with higher level plants and premium plants 

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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I don't know- a couple of matches before that my opponent scored 400. (Not 400,000 but 400).
Perhaps they went off for a cup of tea without pausing the match?
I do have screenshots if you want to see.
About the drawn match, perhaps the server awarded BOTH players a win?
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@BBnot8    What league are you in? 


I am struggling to get over 500K this week and most of the opponent I have been paired with in my league are doing over 600K so I currently losing of 1 in 4 Battlez.  Frown


I found that for this week's Battlez, low level plants player are disadvantaged in two areas -- the plants are weaker and the sun cost are much higher (both will consume your valuable battlez times). 


So without sun bloom, high score is difficult as there does not seem to have enough sun to plant more attacking plants. 


As for 0 score, I have a theory, I do not think EA would have planted dysfunctional bots.  My thoughts are slightly darker, you opponent has terminated the game as soon as it has started on purpose!

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@eieio_31310 Gold league, I kinda have the same 1/4 losses ration in Battlez.

And the lack of non producing sun plants (especially when premium can have one) makes it really difficult. Last week I would almost do at least 350k, this week it varies a lot more, from 200k to more than 400 if I am lucky. I don't think I even reached 500k so far.
My strategy is to put sun beans in the first line so I quickly get extra suns, but after it becomes trickier. :/

Could be for the 0 score, but why did he choose his plants and not takes the 5 first plants to have his 1 point quicker ? 

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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I managed 815,800 in wood league but this seems to be a one off as i usually get 4-500,000ish.
Wish i knew how i did it.
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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I have used the sun bean and it does not seem to be producing enough suns have now found a better way to gather the zombies to use the Solar Tomato on them instead.



As for the 0 score, there used to be a way to get more than 5 crowns in the time taken to complete one Battlez, terminating the game as soon as it start is one of the method.  Luckily, this has now been blocked. 



I too want to know what you have done to get over 800K  Standard smile



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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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I tried using the same plants again and again but just keep on getting half that.
All i can remember is that i didn't use solar tomato in that match and i managed to kill the captain's parrot before it flew away with a plant.
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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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@eieio_31310 Nice strategy but unfortunatly I don't have Aloe so I'm not sure I could use it without Aloe :/
Just did 400k with my strategy so I guess I'll keep with it even if I am not sure if snapdragon is really efficient...Still not really satisfied with my strategy.
Have you try to use your reinforce mint earlier so you can use it twice in the game or is it better the way you do ?


Yeah I know for the 0 score (but glad to learn they blocked this strategy), my point is why ,if he was doing this, did he spend time choosing plants while the quickest solution would have been to choose quickly randomly plants on the top of the Almanac ? Tongue out

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Re: Sharing your Battlez experiences

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Hi all,

This week I’m in Silver league. I usually score from 350k-450k using Blover, Char Guard and Reinforce-Mint combo. And my winning streak is usually 6-7 matches, max is 8 matches.
And best score I remember is over 600k.
Sometimes I lost as zombies didn’t show up (I placed a lot of Miners for them already)
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