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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

by PowerToss

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Sad Days; stilled rigged

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I have been resisting posting about this for weeks but have to say, am completely over how rigged this game still is, by EA.


on the 10th round, it is rigged to break the streak. Less impactful that when it was one continuous streak with multiplying rewards, which is why I haven’t posted - but it still impacts on overall score progress and progress to the tournament rewards.


in every round (without exception) other than round 10, I have been scoring a minimum of 1.7m this week, with exactly this same configuration and strategy.


on the 10th round... SURPRISE... I am either hit with a bot that scores over 3m with innocuous plants OR my score, despite exactly the same strategy is massively lower, forcing a loss. Example of the latter ... check out the pathetic plants that are supposed to have been superior to mine!


so EA, given there are no longer continuous streaks with multiplying rewards, why do you still have this manipulation built into the game - GET RID OF IT - it serves no purpose except annoyance.


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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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Hi @debeee65,


although I do agree that there seem to be some shenanigans going on in the 10th round, you posted a very bad example. I tested the load-out of your opponent with level 1 plants and got this in my second game (Jade League):


Legit Score


Since there is no streak with multipliers anymore I feel like the 10th (or 11th) match is more an "are you in the right league"-match. Because if you win this match the scores of your opponents seem to "normalize". If you can't beat your 10th opponent you might want to consider to drop down a league. 


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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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I'll bet you're in jade league, I'm in silver league and have three profiles and I've past the halfway mark to my goal of 2150 crowns to get 2x level 5 and a level 1 blastberries.

I have lost 8 out of 238 matches, 1x mastery, 3x non mastery and 4x level 1 and I've seen the occasional strEAkbrEAker but not often.

I even managed to win a match when i hit "let's rock" without putting any plants down first.

I suggest if you want to avoid those pesky strEAkbrEAker bots then you drop a league or two and stay out of jade.

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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

★ Apprentice

You miss the point. The issue was the round was rigged for me to score 500K less than any other round.

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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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So you are effectively saying I am being penalised for being an active player. That makes the whole thing even more ludicrous. To drop leagues you have to not play for a week at a time...



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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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@debeee65 it's crazy random. My plants are mid-levels. I've been hit either 10th, 12th or 14th (whenever it's near the pinata). Longest streak I've gone has been 22 in Jade league. I'm pretty active but I cling to the strategies from our brilliant strategists in the level 1 mini forums and extrapolate from that. That said, I don't mind going down one league so the zombies are a bit easier for me to vanquish.
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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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@debeee65 wrote:

You miss the point. The issue was the round was rigged for me to score 500K less than any other round.

Do you know about penalties in Arena matches? When a plant gets eaten/destroyed the game thinks you are having trouble and the toughness of the Zombies is reduced. You get fewer points for weaker Zombies. This is how the algorithm works and it can easily result in a score difference of 500k. 

Another possibility is that you couldn't trigger the next wave of zombies fast enough. Usually a specific zombie triggers the next wave when you kill him (this time I think it's the surfer zombie). Not killing this zombie (fast enough) will result in ~5-10 sec delay until new zombies show up. 


I'm not saying the game isn't rigged but often times these are the reasons for the lower scores! Furthermore, there is some/a lot of RNG in Arena your score will vary.

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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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@debeee65 wrote:

..... being penalised for being an active player. .....


To me this was what the new 7.3x update enforced.  It was said by an EA official the  new arrangement is meant to be beneficial for the casual players.... 


So I just go alone and play a lot less nowadays.  


Given the current rewards system, one will only need to get a 9 winning streak to obtain all the generous gifts from EA, so the 10th game streak breaker bots does not bother me any more.

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Re: Sad Days; stilled rigged

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7 win streak is all you need anymore...never have to worry about the "10th" win if you just purposely lose #8 and do not pay the GEM tax !  Nothing lost buy doing this every 8 games. 


I am with you about playing less.  With Mastery levels only rising one every few weeks there is no incentive or drive or excitement anymore to experiencing plants get stronger !!


BV shows little of interest for me so I will collect it (already done so) for Level 1 profile and then go for the 1000 crowns for the Mastery profile over the next month.  Already close to 150 crowns going back and forth between profiles as I play a few Arena battles here and there.

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