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[SUGGESTION] New Game Mode: Mission Mode

by Gunnerwolfman

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[SUGGESTION] New Game Mode: Mission Mode

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Mission Mode


In this mode, you will be given 4-6 successive missions.

Plants that you use in mission 1 will be grayed out and can no longer be used in the next missions.

You have to plan what plant you will be using to complete each missions because if you use one particular sunflower on certain missions, it will no longer be available on the next missions. 

Your favorite/stronger plants cannot be used more than once so you will need to have a lot of leveled up plants in order to succeed in this mode (you might actually have to buy premium plants in order to be more successful). Or you need to use weaker plants on earlier missions so that you have a better chance of winning the later missions which will be harder.

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Re: [SUGGESTION] New Game Mode: Mission Mode

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Entertaining and Strategic - I like it !!!!

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