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Questions about Appease-mint!

by ElAguila64

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Re: [NEWS] Introducing... Appease-mint!

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@ElAguila64 wrote:
Thanks for the info.

Glad to help 😊

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Re: [NEWS] Introducing... Appease-mint!

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Sorry about that. Brain lapse.
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Re: [NEWS] Introducing... Appease-mint!

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A high level Peppermint is really useful in Adventure mode


I have also only used Enchantmint once in BattleZ; Peppermint a few times until I buffed up my Laser Beam and now it is just used in Adventure mode (Frostbite caves of course and days elsewhere that have a lot of graves)


My favorite is also Spearmint for Adventure and BattleZ


Appeasemint is not giving me a good feeling but I did use it in Ancient Egypt and it will kill a Giga when in a row with a modest Peashooter !

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