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Re: Pvz2 freezing

by ilsedek

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Pvz2 freezing

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My plants versus zombies 2 keeps freezing on endless mode. Basically the level won't end, there are white patches where I believe the cannons should be . Anyway I've reached level 197 on dead mans booty. I had figured out a way around this. If you choose the citrus fruit and power him up, it gets rid of this. You need to place him in each row and you will see where it's frozen because he starts spitting, if he doesn't it's not frozen in that row. Where he does, when you power him up it gets rid of the problem. Now I forgot the citrus fruit at level 197 and I have the same problem . Any body else had this problem?
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Re: Pvz2 freezing

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I have the same problem... see my message on 6/13!


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Re: Pvz2 freezing

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problem solved after upgrade to dark ages

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