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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

by wadebear

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Pvz 2 Glitch

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Idk why my gems and coin keep doubling can anyone help me?
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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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No, no one here can help you.  We're just other players and all we can do is give advice.


The only advice I can give you is:


A: Do a clean install of your game.  I should warn you, however, that you may lose your game progress even if you have a game ID.  The restore system is broken and only works sporadically.


B: Contact Customer support. Select Technical Support as your topic, choose your platform, then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Contact Us".

I am not a Customer Service Rep
I don't work for EA - they couldn't afford my brilliance
Neighbor lists currently full with waiting lists in all 3 of my towns.
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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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I have this problem too


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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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I wish i had this "problem".
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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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You and me both. What a great 'PROBLEM' to have. It seems like there are some people who just don't seem capable of realizing when they're well off!!!!!



If that happened to me (I WISH) I'd be counting my lucky stars and you sure as hell wouldn't find me complaining about it. AND I most certainly would NOT even mention it on an EA Forum.




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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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I have a problem, i have to watch lots and lots of ads (usually the same one) to get "free" gems and coins to upgrade plants i have paid actual cash for to try to keep them competitive and slay my many enemies.
I wonder if i could apply for a lottery grant?.........
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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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Happy Battling

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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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I remember waiting two years for the release of PvZ2 !!


If your resources (coins, GEMs, etc)  reset to zero then exit PvZ2 and return and resources should be back at 2.147B


I have same issue with Pinata Party (and BattleZ).


Contact EA ASAP if your plants were reset...wait too long and EA may not have a backup with the higher levels to restore !!!

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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch


@Jaxytime wrote:

I'm have the same issue for week or more. Doubling the coin/gems/candy/plants. It may sound great, but in the true reality when I play my Pinata Party I have no coins. Even during game play, when I win coins it doesn't count them. Now that I leveled all of my plants to 10 or higher, it started me over. All are level 1's & 2's. I have uninstalled clear cache and re-installed, only to find the same problem again. Will it get fixed? And soon??

I've been playing for 5+years now. Never have seen an issue like this before.

I have never seen a resource go beyond 2.1 billion... Instead of just 4 bytes, that figure requires 5. It must be messing up the byte alignment hence the save file is being misread.


 Please update us if they were able to fix this. Good luck.

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Re: Pvz 2 Glitch

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This is much more than just an extra byte...many conjectures are possible and require too much explanation


My experience is as follows:


When resources are not MAXed out (2.147B for me) the resources increment or decrement "properly"


When resources are MAXed out there are two different scenarios for when resources should have been incremented !!


1)  increments to ZERO (rollover the counter to a negative number) - this can be reversed by exiting PvZ2 and then re-entering PvZ2


a)  happens with the first coin collected from the lawn or from a lawnmower when completing an Adventure day

b)  happens when 'earning' 5 GEMs from an Event (i.e. - Pinata Party, two FREE plays)


2)  decrements the resource instead of incrementing during BattleZ (mints and Gauntlets)

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