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PvZ Battlez seasonal event reward glitch

by Elcobrox

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PvZ Battlez seasonal event reward glitch

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I just got an update on PvZ and randomly the seasonal rewards now became 17014 and dazey chain got unlocked (I had it on another account which I wanted to use as main but I couldn’t anymore so maybe it merged some data from that account),I got dazey chin back to the level I had on an account but I couldn’t level the enlightenment mint higher than 2,I don’t even know where all these crowns come from I never had more than 1K on this account in total.please EA if you can see this change my seasonal reward progress back to 200 (it’s there that I got to) and please re-unlock me the zoybean pod to level 4 (I had the zoybean pod on an account that was better than this one but I couldn’t log in it on any other device since it’s only logged on my mom’s phone and the password has been changed and I don’t know it)

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Re: PvZ Battlez seasonal event reward glitch

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EA help center rarely read these posts, the thread next to yours has many players with the same problem, contact EA HELP CENTER or summon @EA_Blueberry 😈like this.

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