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Re: Purchased item missing

by CareBeartje

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Purchased item missing

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A couple years ago I purchased some items from the Store.
Including the SwiftGro Gardening Station...
After re-installing my sims 3 and getting it to work, I went to my account to re-download and install all my purchased items.
Yet, this one is missing entirely. According to the website, I never bought it.
That bothers me because I did spend actual money on it back then.
I would love to see this sorted out.
Oh, and please keep your website up to date. A lot of people still play sims 3. I went to the item on the page and it says 'discount ends 2016'...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Purchased item missing

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This is a public forum for pvz2, i suggest you tap EA HELP CENTER at the bottom of the page and give them your player i.d. number by email, if you're on android check your google account purchase history for proof of purchase and enclose a screenshot with your complaint, they are usually fairly good at restoring missing content.

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Re: Purchased item missing

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Oops, sorry, thank you very much for your reply.

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