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Re: Problem passing level

by ilsedek

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Problem passing level

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I'm stuck in level 41 - endless game Pirate Seas. I killed all the zombies, but don't get the money bag to end the level. Seems there is still a zombie that I can't see. Just a little fog at the end of the screen. Tried to shoot 'it', won't help. Flowers are still producing sun like the game is still on.

Pauze  button only gives the option of saving...

Somebody can help me out?



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Re: Problem passing level

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My issue is similar, but in a different and arguably; more serious way:
I literally am not able to go past (endless) level 20 in Dead Mans Booty. I'm playing on an iPhone 5s, non-jail broken, my
Time is fine (it's set to automatic), live in NYC...not sure where the problem is. I'll play, get up to let's say level 23, and then when I come back to play again, it's at level 20 again. What to do, ladies and gents? TIA! Disappointed
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Re: Problem passing level

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Same problem a level 11 in the Pirate world. The level won't end, and all the plants keep shooting even though there are no zombies left.


How do I get past this?

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Re: Problem passing level

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problem solved after upgrade to dark ages

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