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Plants i'm not going to buy.


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Plants i'm not going to buy.

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Lurking in the store are the plants I'm not going to buy, all £4.99🇬🇧 each, but i doubt if i would buy them if they were changed to 100 gems each.

Parsnip, snow pea, wasabi whip, kiwibeast, cactus🌵 and chomper and some others not currently for sale, have plants with similar abilities and snow pea, cactus🌵 and chomper were really useful in pvz1, but haven't travelled well.

If i did buy them for gems then i would still have to upgrade them costing a small fortune in coinz (another job for Rackman70, shining the Racksignal, to the Rackmobile!).

I have so many seeds for them (probably given to me to get me to buy them) that i could get them straight into Nastery.

There are plants I've bought that I've never used, I'm looking at you, electric currant and aloe.


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