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Re: Plant levels in Battlez


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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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I have noticed a distinct toughening up and greater biting power in zombies in the last month or so.
Has EA boosted them as my plants have levelled up? Are newbies with level 1 plants facing weaker zombies that get tougher as plants level up? Or are they just tougher in jade or the higher leagues? EAnyone have any answers?
MOOOOO!!!! cried the cash cow🐄🐮
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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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I had been noticing that this week too...


But I don't have any empirical data for it one way or another.


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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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I do think it can be something really easy for the developer to do.


Of course it would be much more complicated than that, but that basically how it could look like:
You take L, the sum of the player plants level (if he has 3 plants level 5, 1 plant level 6 and 2 plants level 4, then L = 3*5 + 1*6 + 2 *4 = 29 for example)

You take R, the resistance of a zombie

If L=6 then R=R  (all plants are level 1)

If 6<L=<12 then R = R*1.1 (average level of plants is between level 1 and 2)
If 12<L=<18 then R= R*1.2 


 If 36<L=<42 then R=R*1.6

Then you apply the function for all the zombies, using their variable R.

This way you would have zombies getting stronger when your plants become better.
Interestingly, that could make power-mint interesting since they are probably low level compared to the other plants. But of course, it may be something totally different

@D0CT0R_Z0MB0SSFor the empirical data, we just have to do it ourself next week (too complicated with the potions this week), after a loss at the 10th game (so we could still win the game anyways).
Let's say we use the peashooter and see how many shot are recquired to kill a specific zombie.
Between @eieio_31310 that have plant at level 1, and others at higher level, @MAGICDAVESHROOM, you and me, I guess we may have 3 or 4, maybe 5 different level of peashooter. Plus we could try, with or without 1 or 2 powermints so the average level of our plants would be different Standard smile

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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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> This way you would have zombies getting stronger when your plants become better.


Please stop giving EA any more ideas to punish us even harder so now we can get even MORE punished for wasting the time and investment to leveling up. Standard smile



> (too complicated with the potions this week)


Now that you said that, they'll probably keep those in. Just like the pesky dinosaurs that NO ONE likes in the jurassic era. NO ONE!


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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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Meh if you think that zombies are more difficult to kill when you have better plants, that means they already have done something for it Disappointed

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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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I do not think we can just simply use the peashooter method to find out the zombies’ toughness (hit points) as they all are on a sliding/increasing (not sure if this is linear or irregular) scale.


I just know purely from observation is that the imps at the beginning of the game are now harder to kill but still able to be cleared by a potato mine (instant kill plant) and after a few big gargantuars being dispatched, the replacement imps can take a direct hit from the mine, charging towards your plants and munch whatever is in their patch.

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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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I've seen occasional instances recently of a newspaper zombie setting off 2x L3 primal mines (2800 hp each time) and still need something else to kill them.
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Re: Plant levels in Battlez

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@eieio_31310 We could just record the damage in the first 30 s no need to do it for 3 min Standard smile

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