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PVZ2 cheater screening

by eieio_31310

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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

Oh no- nobody can beat Chuck Norris!
(Perhaps i should change my profile name to Chuck Norris?)
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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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@D0CT0R_Z0MB0SS wrote:

About half my opponents last tourny were getting high scores without the use of any sun generating plants.





I have this issue too but this is with the current Battlez.


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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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I'm sure it comes down to two things.


1. Cheating algorithm designed to break player-streaks.


2. Cheating human, doing the old hex-edit in memory trick.




As has been mentioned before, this is very easy for EA to detect and notice. Even a 7-year old can figure it out right away. But for SOME REASON, EA still wants to protect its cheaters.



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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

I've been having this issue with this week's tournament (which is a stinker!), but not with previous tournaments.
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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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Pardon my naivete but there's a way to cheat? I guess I don't want to open pandora's box by asking how but I want to offer a little bit of a different perspective on this whole thing.


I have been playing this game since before the plants even had levels. I have also paid roughly $20/month in content packs. Call me an optimist but is it possible that the Battlez algorithm isn't capable of taking those things into consideration instead of that hundreds of people are cheating?


I believe that the different leagues were designed to create more equal pairing although I am not sure how that was all set up, if everyone was just thrown into soil league and forced to crush the spirits of players with less experience in order to move ahead in the leagues. And, for the record, I have had people with level 1-3 plants in their lineup beat my lineup with much higher level plants; they had a better strategy. 


I have had my account crash twice in the past month and it has taken days for it to be restored. I have created a brand new profile so I don't get bumped down in Battlez while I wait for support to help me out. As a result, I can say from first-hand experience, it is far more challenging with lower level plants to win matches in Battlez than it is with higher level plants, there is no denying that. 


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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

I have been playing battlez for about 3 months and i have encountered hackers and cheats and all i can do is report them. EA claims to expel them but i have lost a lot of streak rewards through cheats and myself and many other players have the suspicion that EA may be behind some of it in order to encourage the sale of gems in order to increase their revenue. I have had to learn how to take screenshots in order to get proof of my assertions. As you know it costs 10 gems then an extra 10 gems every time you lose and the gems earned by watching ads and completing quests add up to 25 per day, max.
My best every streak was 44 but i lost to
A player with no sun generation plants and a selection of plants that shouldn't be able to win and i hadn't got the 70 gems needed to continue. I complained as usual and as usual got nothing back. In the last tournament my best streak ended at 10 to another "chEAtbot" as i call them and i generally don't opt to pay more than 10 gems to continue a streak and usually i just reset because i have no idea what will happen in the next match. Someone has suggested on this forum that the bots may be set to win on the matches with mints as rewards and that may well be the case and the last match i played had mints as a reward and i lost with a plant selection that got me 467,700 this week but got me 190,000 less today. I've played a LOT of matches this week and i have noticed that most of my losses are when mints are rewards. How odd.
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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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To stop causing confusion, we need to stop mentioning the term BOTS. It's been confirmed EA uses what is called ALGORITHMS to generate bogus matches.


The term BOTS would imply that a game/match was actually played out. As noticed many times, the plant load-outs seen are generating ludicrous, if not impossible scores that just can't happen in any legit game. This is because the plants are just displayed for aesthetics purposes (to fool you), and the scoring is algorithm based on your previous performance.


Thus, the harder you try to improve and score, the more you are penalized for it.


I've been thinking...If you know you are going to win a match in a legit game, you may want to stop trying to hit that 3 million score when the opponent is doing just 20K. Why blow him out of the water, and then have to deal with an inflated score to beat when the algorithm kicks in later? I believe it was stated on the OTHER forum that EA bases the algorithm significantly from your previous score(s). Then fudges numbers and tries to match it.





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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

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Now you have got me wondering, how low a winning score can I get?Wondering

I might post up a challenge here later.

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Re: PVZ2 cheater screening

I'm still wondering how i won a couple of matches with my opponents(different) scoring zero points?
Are these ALGORITHMS DR. Zomboss. (i suspect he's not a real Doctor), mentions any relation to AL GORE?😂
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