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[OPEN INVESTIGATION] PvZ 2 - Battlez Connectivity issues

by EA_Roger

Original Post

[OPEN INVESTIGATION] PvZ 2 - Battlez Connectivity issues

Community Manager



We're aware of an issue happening where players may not be able to access Battlez in-game. Currently we're investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.


Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Your PvZ Team.

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Battlez Servers Down?

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I've been waiting all day to get a chance to spend some time bumping myself up from the base of  the rankings before this session finishes but for the last hour or two all I get is the message about an "internet connection is required" and have to exit. I definitely have a connection, and this is happening across devices and networks so something at EAs end seems to be broken.


This is very annoying as I've actually put time aside and now I can't play!

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Battlez glitch

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I'm not sure what's happening here but I have both wifi and Data connection and the battlez server will not let me in to compete 30 min before the end of the event. I've heard of bots and other hacker issues I'm not sure if that's what's playing threw here but I'm a paid player and I really enjoy this platform what can we do here so that I don't lose the ability to enjoy this game so what can we do to meet me halfway. I really don't want to delete this game. Thanks and keep on being awesome 

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Re: Battlez Servers Down?

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I guess so. I can't connect to Battlez either.
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Re: Battlez Servers Down?

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I am at #3. I wanted to go to #2, #1 is taken by some guy who has like 400 pts. Because he went overkill. I’m only in the top 3 by like 10 pts. Lol. Wanted to lock it in.

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Re: [OPEN INVESTIGATION] PvZ 2 - Battlez Connectivity issues

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 The tournament is over and I can instantly play. The very second that the tournament was over  this cannot be a coincidence   

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Re: Battlez Servers Down?

Community Manager

Hey @mikon907@MrGamer8000@Raffyjvdi@Phroco182,


I've merged your posts together as you are all encountering this issue, some players are starting to get back into the game however we want to make sure everything is in order before shutting down our investigation again.

@mikon907, sorry about your rank, I know running into these issues can be frustrating especially before the league ends. I promise we didn't do it on purpose, Embarrassed between you and me I also hate that  #1 rank guy who feels the need beat the second guy by 100 points... I just don't get it. 

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Re: [OPEN INVESTIGATION] PvZ 2 - Battlez Connectivity issues

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This happened to me too while I was playing.

I've just waved bye bye to my winning streak  Devil

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Re: Battlez Servers Down?

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I held onto #3, thanks. This next one is crazy!I

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Re: [OPEN INVESTIGATION] PvZ 2 - Battlez Connectivity issues

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This is a different issue than lack of connectivity, but I'm hoping you can get to the bottom of it and sort it out. (Or point it out to the developers for them to address.)


This weeks Explodo-nut tournament is under way and I find that the BLOVER is blanked out for me, yet in the two matches I've played both opponents had it in their load outs.


I'm not the only one experiencing this so there has to be something wrong.


So you can see the Blover in use, try checking out vidoes on Youtube that have been uploaded by NIGHTYKNIGHTGAMING. 

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