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Re: Notes on the Blover combo

by lawmfw

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Notes on the Blover combo


Chronicles of Xar Xee

PvZ2 Adventures of Xar


TL;DR: Control your score by stopping Blover spamming. That way, gem-tax-collector (GTC) bots can't collect their toll.


This is not a how-to guide. I'm just sharing my experiences with this week's tourney (week 42, Cold Snapdragon) and the Blover combo. I'm not gonna post scores or screenshots since that's not the subject. Here's what happened so far:


I never tried it in the practice room since I already had lots of practice in week 40 (Missile Toe). First two days of the tourney was actually the best time to reach for the high scores. I noticed that with my opponents' playback (OP), it shows everyone was still testing out the waters. The OP's I'm getting were relatively low scores. Even the bots were easy to beat.


By the third day, I was able to establish my min and max scores and my usual score. However, I also got my first loss (after getting around 400 crowns) from a GTC which almost scored close to my personal top score. Because of this, I can also pretty much predict if I'm battling a bot or a human player within 90 seconds into the game. Here's some of my observations:


1. GTC score increments almost mirrors your score increments and stays within 300k of your current score
2. GTC score increments can sometimes pause for a few seconds and then jump up by around 300k
3. GTC score jumps usually happen midway and a few seconds before the timer ends
4. GTC final score is usually within your score range


Those observations may only be applicable to me. Feel free to share yours.


So how can I surpass my personal top score while still keeping GTC's at bay? That was the challenge. So I set some thresholds and conditions to manipulate my score range.


First 60 seconds: Determine if it's a bot. If I'm pitted with a human OP, my score should be significantly higher by the 61st second (with my lineup and layout).


Next 60 seconds: Regardless if it's a GTC or not, score as high as possible.


Next 60 seconds: If my target high score is beyond reach or if it's not a GTC or if it's a low score OP, slow down (stop Blover-ing, shovel a few plants) and just ensure that I'm at least 500k ahead until timer runs out. If it's a suspected bot (or an OP with same setup) or if target high score is within reach, continue to keep the scores high.


This algorithm works for me (so far). Since my average score was lowered, I'm able to overcome the GTC's. I hope I didn't jinx it... Feel free to give it a go. This may only be applicable to the Blover combo but I could be wrong.




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Re: Notes on the Blover combo

★ Pro
I hope that you have not given too much information away for EAvil empire to ‘improve’ their GTC’s skills.🤓

Have a happy new year 🥳
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Re: Notes on the Blover combo


That actually crossed my mind while I was composing this. 🤔


And admittedly, I want it to be more realistic TBH. The main reason I don't like being beaten by these GTC's is because I don't learn anything from it. The plant lineup is b+×÷s+×t. I'm hoping that the goal of those GTC's was to improve and challenge the players. But no! It's there just to impose a tax. 🤬😡

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Re: Notes on the Blover combo

I think xarxee may be wrong about blover spamming to beat the bots.

As i understand it, for the first couple of days we are playing against an algorithm that is designed to track our score closely but is beatable by a sudden burst near the end.

The rest of the week we are against the recordings of the first couple of days so scores can fluctuate more wildly, the game is supposed to put you against a player of a similar or close levels to yourself, so if you're a newbie you face low level plants so you have a chance.

I have a level 1 profile that has faced maxed out plants and won, if i played golf against Tiger Woods🐅would i win? I doubt it.

As regards this week, I've come across blover a lot (even tried it but got less than 800k) and I'm using cp,gb,mf,dl and spearmint, which gets me around 2m with a high of 2.9m (no mastery).

The biggest score I've seen this week is 3.5m vs my 2.1m against blover, 2x pps and usually i win blover or not but there's no way caulipower can come close to 3.5m but my point is there's no way of knowing what recording you will face until you play it.

Only EA knows, and do i think it's a coincidence that i lose around the 10th match, no i don't.

Experience has taught me that the 9th match gets harder, the 10th match is hard, but can beaten and the 11th is impossible.

I dare say someone out there has managed to win on the 11th match, if so then they're better players than me.

It is extremely easy to manipulate computer programs and ever since the dawn of time and cavemen invented which hand have i got the stone in? there have been attempts to manipulate the result.

If you can think of anything at all that can't be manipulated then let me know and I'll send you a virtual cake.

(Look up italian lottery).


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Re: Notes on the Blover combo

★★ Pro

I think the magic #11 has been tweaked a bit....or I am getting lucky enough to think so !


This week I have been toying with writing the same explanation as Xarzee just did !!


I was not keeping a 500K buffer so I lost twice earlier this week because I removed too many plants during the final minute.  My thought process was that I do not want to raise my scoring average if I have a sizeable lead....only score as high as possible when it is a strong opp or an EA_Bot


Today I did get beat by EA and I did not like how it went score froze during the last 30 seconds as no (or very few) zombies appeared.  I was not even removing plants as I was pretty sure it was an EA-Bot that was tracking my score.  I lost by under 100k as the opps score jumped 200k in the last 20 seconds while I was unable to do anything.

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