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Not getting plants I bought

by 799mv0vq3r7y

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Not getting plants I bought

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I bought plants with real money and I am not getting them! Pending pending pending!!!!!!

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Re: Not getting plants I bought

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@799mv0vq3r7y  This is a known glitch in the store.  You will need to contact EA Help and submit a case for Missing Content.


Also, until they fix the store glitch (whenever that may be - it has been going on since at least mid-May and it appears to have them stumped), it would be advisable that you make no attempts to purchase anything with real money (gems and coins are OK for now) - or else you may have to submit another case to request your Missing Content.


Until this glitch is fixed - the Daisy of Doom will block you from the store.  To get into the store - to get your daily prize and to purchase things only using your gems and coins (really, do not try to purchase anything using real world money - including additional gems and coins):

1.  close out of the game - force close it if you have to  (you just can't "get out of it" - you have to close the game.  In Android, minimize your games and swipe it closed.  Sorry, can't help with Apple.)

2.  turn on airplane mode - turn off wfi

3.  go into PVZ2 - you should get the generic splash screen - none of the hyped stuff

4.  go into the store - you should be able to get into the store - it has all the generic things for sale.  The "Earn Gems" and "Earns Coins" should be greyed out.

5.  Turn on wifi

6.  Start clicking the tabs until you get all of the store's contents.  You would be able to click the Daily Prize Pinata and any of the coins and gems pinatas.


Like I said, until this glitch is fixed, you won't be able to purchase any of the new plants that are coming along (unless you like submitted Missing Content cases to EA Help).  I really hope that once EA fixes this glitch (I'm hoping they can, because if not, I'm ditching this game I've played for YEARS), the open up all these plants (Pea Vine, Solar Sage, Inferno, etc) so that they can be purchased again since this perplexing glitch has gone one for MONTHS.


Better yet, give us all a free plant.  That would be something I could get behind.


Good luck!

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Re: Not getting plants I bought

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I bought the Goo Peashooter Bundle on July 14, 2021; Today, August 24, 2021 the EA Help Desk finally unlocked the Goo Peashooter on my Android Tablet. So it took them more than a month to do it, and I went through a lot of emails with them on top of filing the missing claim report - that same day I made the purchase, to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, and I wasn't even sure that I'd get the prize in the end the way it kept piecing out. In fact, I may have only gotten one part of my purchase. The bundle guaranteed 250 Goo Peashooter seed packets plus a mix of 100 seed packets of Premium (40%) and Common (60%) Seed Packets. Today I got at least the 250 Goo Peashooter seed packets, but I don't know if I got 100 of anything more. I was told they could only do 1 plant for 100 seed packets and I should tell them which one. My Shine Vine was suppose to get the 100 seed packets but another week passed without anything happening.  I emailed them again and told them I'd take it all in Goo Peashooter Seed Packets if that would help the process. Another week seemed to go by, and then today it finally unlocks, but I couldn't say if I got 250 or 350 seed packets in the Goo Peashooter because of not noting down how much each level up cost to level 4 after it unlocked at 250. I had 101 of the 250 already. 

Good luck on getting what you purchased as soon as possible, but be prepared to keep sending the information needed in bit by bit. They really do like screen shots of everything. If you can't send a screenshot for something, tell them why.  Typing things out in an email body in the very beginning didn't help me. They asked me for only PC Screenshots, which was a problem past the email and Google wallet receipts they asked for in the first email they sent me after filing my claim. I could only send my EA Game Player ID via my Android Tablet, but I did keep sending it and told them why. Another poster said to ask for a supervisor if they tell you only PC screen shots. Do try to read more posts and answers here on the board. It can help you. It helped me.

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Re: Not getting plants I bought

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8-26-21, After emailing the EA Help Desk about the actual number of seed packets I received for my bundle: 250 or 350 seed packets for the Goo Peashooter? I got more to day, so that I now know my game profile as been credited for my purchase bundle quality of 350 for sure. My case is now completed; I am relieved and playing with my new plant.


Good luck to all still waiting on their cases. Stay cordially after it. Hopefully, they've turned the corner at the Help Desk and will complete more cases now. Praying for them seems to help things too.

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