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No GraveBuster Strat...


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No GraveBuster Strat...

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So how the hell have I been getting beat by players who are NOT using grave-buster?


Someone let me in on this secret...



I could be wrong, but I remember rumors a while ago about the squid thing from the Water World being able to remove graves (if it is leveled up high enough), but no, they were not even using that. 



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Re: No GraveBuster Strat...

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It's the hot potatoe that does that at some point (don't ask the logic) and it does not work on graves.

A cheater or a bot

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Re: No GraveBuster Strat...

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Hot potato L5 + removes thrown squids (fandom) but as far as i know gravebuster is the only plant capable of destroying gravestones.
I think gravebuster L6+ also explodes after eating a grave.
What was their starting line up?
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Re: No GraveBuster Strat...

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Yep it explodes

Btw did you notice the 25 gems to get 20 grave buster seeds offer lmao ?

Except if you need just a few seeds to get it to lvl 6, why would anyone spend tons of gems to upgrade a plant they will almost never use again in Battlez ?Large smile

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Re: No GraveBuster Strat...

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Yes i did notice and i was trying not to draw attention to the fact by not posting it.

There is now a situation in which a shiny new plant, lets call it a "padow sheashooter" has been released for a week so everbody can play with it and marvel at it's awesomeness. 

Having marveled at it's awesomeness and paid it's huge price to buy one of our very own, seed packets were released in dribs and drabs (3or 4 through pinata parties and modern day pinatas).

Seed packets in larger ammounts (20) are available through the streak system or in the store on a time limited basis.

Enter "braveguster", a plant reviled, unloved that only does one thing and hardly anyone bothered upgrading him until now when the entire board is covered with his favourite food.

Oh no i hear you cry, what shall we do to upgrade our braveguster in a hurry to get the padow sheashooter's time limited seed packets to enhance it's awesomeness?

Luckily reasonably priced braveguster and padow sheashooter seed packets are for sale.

We are saved!

(Any resemblance to any plant or organization is entirely coincidental).


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Re: No GraveBuster Strat...

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BBnote and MagicDave...


Took a day but I was able to get the seed packets I needed to level up GraveBuster without using GEMS !!


5% rate of getting any GraveBuster seed packets


I have been doing much better with Shadow PeaShooter !!


My new profile should obtain the Shadow PeaShooter before it disappears.  My original profile the Shadow PeaShooter is strong enough to be very useful in every world I have tried so far

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