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by Maden57

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Betreff: impossible

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@Maden57 wrote:
as I said!
I always lose at the same level battle level 10

I see.  It has been like this since Battlez (now Arena) was introduced. 


You are not the only player who experienced this problem, me included (and possible 90% of the player I have come across) the infamous 10th game streak killer which EA denies its existence.


If there is any consolation, the new reward system ends at 7th streak any way, so if you can win 8 games and then lose one, you have already obtained all the 'generous' rewards available from EA.  (These are 2x gauntlets, gold coins plus the seed packets) 

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Betreff: impossible

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Ohne Worte!


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Betreff: Never

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unbelievable from EA!
I did not get that many points with the same plants!


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Betreff: Never

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Try threepeater, torchwood, sunshroom, power lily and appeasemint, i can get 15m with high level plants.

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Betreff: again

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You can never win with these plants!
such a scrap from the manufacturers! absolutely scrap


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Betreff: idiocy

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see pictures


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Betreff: as always

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no change!
lose against looser plants no matter what I do!
absolutely not acceptable.


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Betreff: mendacious game

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see the screenshot!

looser game by EA!
people do not play this game! you still annoy yourself! play something different!


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Betreff: mendacious game

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So ein Schrott!


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Betreff: mendacious game

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embarrassing, embarrassing
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