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Betreff: impossible

by Maden57

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Re: Realy

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@lawmfw wrote:

saving Plant Food for the final 15 seconds has assisted me to best the EA Bots too many times to count !

Good tip!


@Maden57  maybe it's time to let it go, you poor thing, you sound so frustrated.


On another note @PowerToss  had a good score in the level 1 mini forums with level 1 plants on the latest page (pg 70?) with Primal Pea, double Blover , Char Guard and Reinforce-mint. I wish I had such dexterity and great timing to achieve 8mil with level 1 plants :D

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Ohne Worte!

ich werde es nicht aufgeben

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Betreff: high Level????

★★★★★ Novice

Can someone tell me how to get to such a high level?
legal? or illegal?


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Betreff: high Level????

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These plant levels are possible as under the old streak system it was possible to get goopy and blover seeds as streak rewards.

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Betreff: high Level????

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I'll second that it is possible and not a mod or hack

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Betreff: i lose

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why am I losing again?
always the same!
I can not keep up in the battle no matter what I do!


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Betreff: i lose

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I guess the additional boost to primal peashooter and bowling bulbs from the mint is more effective than double primal potato mines.

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Betreff: i lose

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no matter what I do!
no chance!
something is not right!


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Betreff: impossible

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what i do not stand a chance!
If I have the same plant as the enemy, I have no chance!
as always it is not fair


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Betreff: impossible

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as I said!
I always lose at the same level battle level 10
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