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Re: Update 7.1.2

by peashooter3012

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[NEWS] Update 7.1.3 is now live!

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Credit goes to u/Haemophilus_EA:

Welcome to the first PvZ 2 update for 2019


What’s coming in this update:


(Please note: I’ll be releasing more in-depth details closer to the actual date/time the below content goes live at - This post is only a summary of what’s coming up - If you have specific questions about upcoming content, they will be answered at a later date).


New Plants:

  • Snap Pea
    • This snappy new plant will have its own Epic Quest event for all your Seed Packet collecting needs as well as optional store offers

New Power Mints:

  • Ail-mint
  • Another to-be-announced Power Mint

Upcoming Events:

  • Valenbrain (Feb 6-15)

New Features:

  • Brand-new Battlez Avatar system
  • You will now be able to change and pick new avatars in Battlez - a long requested feature! To celebrate this launch we’re adding 5 more icons, too!
  • Improvements to the early game
  • Early Egypt levels have been revamped to make for a more streamlined experience for new players.
  • World Previews
  • We’ve revamped World Previews to show you rewards a world has in store for you including what plants you can unlock, trophies and pinatas! Then, once you’ve started a world, you can go back and review your collecting progress!
  • Bug Fixes/Improvements:
  • Bowling Bulb is now in the Appease-mint family and the Almanac
  • Pinata Party levels can now be replayed by watching a video ad, even if you previously missed the opportunity
  • If you lose an adventure level you can now watch a video ad to get a Power Up for free which should help you in your next attempt
  • Optimizations to the Menu, Seed Chooser, Almanac and Store - selecting and choosing things will be faster
  • Devices will generally handle large amounts of zombies that appear on-screen better.
  • Lots of work into lessening crashes caused by video ads across both iOS and Android platforms
  • Reworked Spirit Bomb for Shadow Peashooter that was causing it to eaten at inopportune moments
  • Plant favoriting is now added to the Danger Room
  • Fixed a few UI issues in the Almanac, such as the overlapping of stat text with the Family toggle
  • Dusk Lobber corrected to now do the appropriate damage based upon level and power
  • Fume-shroom’s normal and plant food attack has been corrected
  • Squash has now calmed down and will stop jumping all over the place when not necessary
  • Sling-pea will now target the closest zombie to your house proper instead of sometimes aiming too far towards the back at other targets
  • Zombies caught in Sandstorms will no longer be knocked back to avoid causing graphical issues
  • Upgrading newly-obtained plants with seed packets received before unlocking the plant correctly levels the plant up to level 2 instead of 1 and no longer wastes your seed packets.
  • Balanced the damage values Appease-mint uses for both its pea boulders and smaller split-off-peas
  • Fixed the pinata timer issue when offline… You won’t be told to wait literal years for pinatas anymore!
  • Spawned-in gravestones will now take the correct amount of damage to destroy vs. their already placed brethren
  • Shield Zombie now is correctly protected from Sling-pea and is putting his shield to good use
  • Zombies will no longer randomly seemingly turn into sun-looking things if they’ve eaten a Plant Food-ed Hypno-shroom and will now correctly turn into Gargantuars
  • Level 23 in Ancient Egypt was awarding a single silver coin instead of a pinata but that’s sorted out now. Bring on the pinatas!
  • Plants at max level, which hadn’t begun Mastery yet, were getting a sneaky 1% Mastery boost chance - not any more. Mastery starts when you start Mastery, not early and not later!
  • Phat Beet and Kiwibeast are now correctly boosted by their family Power Mint
  • Enchant-mint’s listing in the Almanac correctly shows what other plants are in its family - it’s definitely more than 3
  • The red exclamation point is back for Mastery! When a plant is ready to level up into Mastery the red exclamation point which indicate those plants so you can easily find them
  • Torchwood now sets all of Threepeater’s peas on fire above level 5
  • Bloomerang catches its own boomerangs again
  • Imitater can now be properly unfavorited when in the plant selection Seed Chooser
  • E.M. Peach is now disabling Veteran Shield Zombies as intended
  • Corrected a typo in the Almanac where Iceberg Lettuce was spelled incorrectly - oops
  • In Battlez, pre-planted plants (plants that appear on the lawn before you’ve started the match) will no longer be able to be dug up for sun
  • Pea Pods no longer double shoot by accident during the planting phase before the match starts
  • Names displayed at the end of Battlez matches now line up appropriately instead of being off-kilter in alignment
  • The Plant Mastery icon as seen on plants at the end of a Battlez match is now a star instead of a lightning bolt to be consistent with the rest of the game
  • The ‘Free Gauntlet’ button stays now stays active and clickable until you’ve gained your day’s quota of free gauntlets without having to jump to another screen and back
  • General improvements to the Battlez server and how it saves a match as well as how it affects general server stability
  • Improvements to how the game handles wider aspect ratio devices (aka. Most recent iPhones and some Android phones)

As usual, to download the latest update, please check your local Apple App Store or Google Play store!


If you do not currently see the update as being available to download, please refresh or check back later. Some local App stores globally may take longer than others to refresh and display the update being available. We don't have control over the App Stores in question so you may need to check back in a bit if you don't immediately see it.


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Re: Update 7.1.2


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Re: Update 7.1.2


This thread will be marked as resolved once the official change log has been released.

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Re: Update 7.1.2


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Re: Update 7.1.2

★ Apprentice
Good to see it came. However, the no coins glitch in Zomboss level isnt fixed. Also, I noticed in the Zombot Aerostatic Gondola battle, we now have Zomboss about to pull the switch the same time the plane comes in to drop the Lost Pilots. Also, I hope to see more level expansions in the future. BTW, question. What do you mean by Veteran Shield Zombies?
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Re: Update 7.1.2

★★★★★ Expert

Updated today without any problems, but i noticed the restore purchases bug🐛 is still with us.

This is what a shield zombie is;


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