Hey folks,


We've had a bunch of questions from you regarding the changes of Bowling Bulb into the Appease-mint family of Power Mints.


This change is still going ahead however its being delayed for the time being in order to iron out some kinks which have recently come up relating to this family change.


Previously we expected the ETA to be the end of this week for Bowling Bulb to be integrated into the Appease-mint family but it's now been decided that the Bowling Bulb change (inclusive of updating the Almanac and everything associated with it) will happen at the release of the next major update - 7.1 - which we will have more details on it closer to the time.


For the time being Bowling Bulb will not be boosted by your recently acquired Appease-mints so this is to be expected until the next update.


Thanks for your understanding!


Original article can be found here.