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Missing plants in the almanac

by theMLGMassacre

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Missing plants in the almanac

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As if it wasn't bad enough that my account was reset and I had maxed out coins and gems and all the plants, now as im trying to unlock everything again I noticed the almanac is missing plants.


You kiw that flower with the dangle thing that zaps zombies and turns them into the free mushrooms. Where can I unlock it. I've been getting upgrades for it but I cant find it anywhere.


And who ever wants to question me maxing everything out, I have youtube videos for proof lol. They reset my account when yo7 had to pay for the upgrades to plants. Makes sense since id have everything immediately. 

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Re: Missing plants in the almanac

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@theMLGMassacre Witch Hazel.

You really don't want to upset Witch Hazel.

She normally appears in the store around this time of year in the current lawn of doom event.

If you have missing plants then tap HELP at the bottom of the page and make out a missing content report.

A lot of players have been having this problem recently.

A lot of players that upset Witch Hazel have been turned into fumeshrooms, those we don't hear from because fumeshrooms can't use smartphones.

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