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Lost Battlez streak after 100 iOS ipad

by toddmlemmon

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Lost Battlez streak after 100 iOS ipad

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I've raised this with customer service (Help ticket EA Help. 46679395) and all they can do is give me free gems. What I'd like is my streak back. It reset to 1 after I finally hit 100. Very, deeply uncool. I have a hard time believing that A) EA doesn't know where I was based on the file and B) they can't fix it, especially after the agent told me it's a known bug. So, I'd like to be returned to level 101 or at least assured this will NOT happen again. Is the bug fixed? If it's a known issue, how long has it been known? I invested a lot in this game in actual $$$. This is unacceptable that it can't be remedied especially as the rewards double after 100, correct? Please advise. Thank you.

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Re: Lost Battlez streak after 100 iOS ipad

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It's happened to me 8 times, and there are many of us pitchfork wielding villagers out there.

EA say they can't restore a lost streak, even if you work for them. (Or won't).

The reward multiplyer increases by one every 98 matches so you should have been getting twice what you got before.

I think that the issue of lost streaks and restoring them should be fixed as their number one priority, and the streak data should be stored with the rest of the profile data.

All you will get is a handful of virtual gems from EA help.

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Re: Lost Battlez streak after 100 iOS ipad

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My question would be, then, why ISN'T it their number 1 priority? I don't know EA or its culture. I know it's a huge company. And I know PVZ2 is a big game making them a lot of money. Not keeping players happy with BASIC game management is insane. I do not believe they don't track streaks. This is really unacceptable nonsense from them.

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Re: Lost Battlez streak after 100 iOS ipad

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Sorry mate, they don't actually listen to us and for what it's worth i don't believe they can't retrieve streak data if they wanted to.

You could try Haemophilus on reddit, she works for them and occasionally answers questions.


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