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Level M Bots?

by upxrv46qtu5p

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Level M Bots?

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Hey guys, have seen now a lot of (fake?) Players with level Mxxx (Zoybean Level M146 e.g.) and just wanted to know if you have any idea what that is. How to get such high levelled plants? 

Screenshot_20190515-104644_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20190514-223200_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20190509-221521_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
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Re: Level M Bots?


They're not bots and they're not fake either. Those are "Mastery" levels.


After reaching the maximum level (like L10, L15, or L20 depending on the plant), they will start to transition to the next leveling tier which is called the Mastery. Not all plants can have masteries (like Gold Bloom, Power Lily, all Power-mints, etc). Plants get additional benefits when reaching the mastery levels (m1 to m200).


Prior to the 7.3 update, all you have to do is maintain your win streak to get streak multipliers. The max multiplier was 10x. With the multiplier, you'll practically drown in seed packets to level up your plants. The max seeds per piñata was 1600. With the current version (7.3.1), the max per piñata is a measly 50 seeds.

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Re: Level M Bots?

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I don't see how anybody could have gotten the zoybean to that level. After I reached 1000 points, that was the last time seed were available until today in the store. 

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Re: Level M Bots?

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Thanks for explanation. I am understanding more & more why so many veteran players were hacked off by the update Angry

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Re: Level M Bots?

A few weeks ago i did a Google search on zoybean to check it out and i found a utube video of an M200 zoybean and an M200 dazey chain in the same battlez tournament (which has yet to be released).

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