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Level 1 mini forum.


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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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@PowerToss Waaaaa 6,4M... I will have to try on the weekend to see if I can get 6M.
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Closest I got to 7M...


Level 1 Plants


...and a very evil score (wish that 2 were a 6 as well).



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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Level 1 🌶🌶🌶 pursuit trail, works at any level and gets two bonus achievements and 30% ZPS. 

Multi shield perk.

Plant spearmint and buy another plantfood,  as soon as spikerocks stop glowing plant that.

Plant goldbloom and start planting a column of shadowpeas from c1,r1 down, start planting 5x moonflowers at c2,r1 down.

When first column of shadowpeas and moonflowers finished plant concealmint and start on second row of shadowpeas from c3,r1 down, after the first two plant a shadowpea in front of the zoybeans (these may need refreshing as catapults throw bucketheads through the shield), continue planting shadowpeas until 2nd column finished and spend any plantfood on concealmint. 

Please note the multi shield perk is at it's lowest level, it will get stronger as you progress.

Screenshot_20210415-095600_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210415-093943_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210415-094023_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Onesies zomboss Snapdragon tournament. 🌶🌶🌶

Use sun bank perk for extra starting sun.

Imppear, turkeypult, pokra, and armamint.

Don't plant anything before the clock starts counting down.

Select the plants and drag turkeypult to the lawn then hit let's rock to start. Keep your finger on that tile until the animation finishes and the clock starts. This will allow you to immediately plant without waiting forca plant to refresh. Plant armamint and imppears. Keep planting imppears and turkeypults, turkeypults at the left and a couple of rows of imppears.

You might have to buy some plantfood to keep armamint powering turkeypult. 

I lost one lawnmower due to a weasel and i planted pokras to attack zomboss once the graves were eaten and massive amounts of sun released.

You could probably do away with pokra, possibly imitated imppear or primal potato mine, healers and weasels are the biggest problem. 

Once you start filling up the lawn dig up and replant turkeypult and imppear. 

Screenshot_20210421-231710_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210421-231921_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210421-232101_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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This week isn't too bad for Onesies. I can complete the streak with this strategy. It requires some micro management, though.


Level 1 Plants.PNG
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Finally got 3M with level 1 plants!!! Standard smile I got close to defeating #caketank 4x a couple of times. During the 3M match I took two penalties from the All-Star Zombie rushing down the middle lane. This reduced the ZDL of #caketank and I was able to destroy it by spamming Boom Balloon Flower (Strategy by @FantastiXxPVZ)


Level 1 Plants.PNG
Level 1 Plants - 3M.PNG
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Penny's pursuit level 1 🌶🌶🌶30% zps with 2x bonus achievements. 

Level 1 shield perk used.

Plant 4x apple mortars and 11x electric blueberries and hit turbo.

The other plants just fill the slots.


Screenshot_20210501-221101_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210501-221916_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
Screenshot_20210501-222004_Plants Vs Zombies 2.jpg
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Level 1 Day 3🌶🌶🌶 with two bonus achievements.

You only need infi nut, apple mortar (or kernalpult) and caulipower.

Use the sun break perk.

Start with as many caulipowers as you can afford, one apple mortar and a couple of infi nuts.

As soon as the match starts plantfood the furthest right infi nut and buy another caulipower when it refreshes then a second apple mortar.

You will get random tombstones with necromancy but as long as you don't lose more than 2 plants or zombies don't trample your flowers then you get two bonus achievements, which i easily managed to do.

If you want to safeguard your bonus achievements plant infi nuts at rows 3, 4 and 5 and plantfood them.

There are healers in this, de-hypnotising zombies but your zombies eat his brainz.🧠


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