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Level 1 mini forum.


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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Very nice indeed.  How about you put some pants on that excitable image you have there ?!Excitement.jpg

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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I do not have either mints (Appeasemint or Enchant-mint) but substituted Conceal-mint instead.  I can get above 2.2M with first few tries...


Layout for 3.2M high score using Cauli and Apple Mortar - begin with two Apple Mortar and two Caulis and used Zoybean Gigas in three rows with about one minute left


(I am shocked by the score since the scoring was as high as 2.1M and as low as <800k (Zomboss taking away too many plants) using this configuration - for this match I have luck and a fortunate RNG !!)


Screenshot_PvZ_layout level 1 plants.jpg
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

I found several plant combos that gave me 3.2m in practice and this was one of them.

P.s. like the new avatar.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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tyvm - feeling flowery today for some reason...

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

Have you turned into a verbena?

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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aww - you noticed !!

Smiley Face.jpg
Texas Flag.jpg
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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Level 1 profile - I feel so silly but I just realized I do not have to be concerned with the 12 hour World Pinata clock at all for my Level 1 profile !!


Seed packets is not the goal...GEMs is !!


Play the Epic Quest for 5 GEMs (and 10 seed packets for one plant) and play Pinata Party for 5 GEMs (coins and more seed packets plus a chance to play a second time for even more coins and additional seed packets) and all that is needed after that is to complete the World Pinata Tracker for a minimum of 30 seed packets (with the full 5 slots) to then collect the 5 GEMs for that !

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

You don't even need that many gems, just enough to buy the gemium plants, the premium cash plants are automatically unlocked.

You don't need seeds or coins because level 1 plants don't need upgrading, not many gauntlets because you rarely put them in an actual tournament, all you really need is 1,400 mints to get a full set of level 1 powermints.

My level 1 profile has over 800k coins, 5k gems, 1.2k gauntlets and 280 mints and the only one i don't yet have is enlightenmint.

I doubt if I'll be adding a level 1 zoybean to my profile the way battlez seasons is structured.

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