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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

by lawmfw

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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I haven't been doing a lot of level 1 stuff this week, I'm currently in brick league and I've noticed that i seem to be scoring a lot more than the opposition, sometimes more than 10 times as much.

I've lost a couple of matches, but not by much and i wasn't even trying when i got 1.2m with my GHENGHISDAVE level 1 plants.

I thought my 3.6m level 1 victory should have got me the order of eieio but i didn't know about your 12m victory over the forces of EA.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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One of my pet peeves about BattleZ is the disparity of the players in a League of 15...whether it is Soil or Jade !


I understand that mixed in with the actual players are hackers and EA-bots during a challenge match.  Such is life.


What I do not like as you just touched upon MagicDave is the scoring capability/disparity between players during a challenge match !!


I have seen the same scoring disparity in Brick League this week, Wood League last week, and Soil league the week before.


Why can not players be more evenly matched when placed in a League for the next 7 days ?


And why are the EA-Bots so mismatched to the players in the league at hand ?   makes little sense to do that (to the players) who support EA.


It is demoralizing/discouragng/frustyrating for players to come up against (possibly a hacker but why would they be in a lower league anyway ?) an EA-Bot that scores 5 to 10 times more points than they do ?


I myself have felt this way many times over the past few months when I was DESTROYED by an Ea-Bot; having my streak stopped unless I ponied up GEMs.  I started skipping weeks of BattleZ just so I could drop back and maybe have a better chance to reach the top !!


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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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@MAGICDAVESHROOM  At 10x over the score of the opposition?  I have not come across this for a long long time, this happened to me way back in the first few weeks when Balttlez was introduced.  I found thoses winnnings are meaningless as it is obvious that the Battlez's pair-matching bots was not using any AIs. 


@lawmfw  Same thing is true for players with low level plants, they should not be paired up with players using maxed out plants, as you have rightly pointed out, the end result for the player (EA's customer) is demoralizing, discouraging and frustrating.  This defeats the original objective and the meaning of the game, which was meant to be fun and enjoyed.  

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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I only stuck around to collect the mints !!  Kinda cool.  Now for some Achievements for using mints !!


Gotta Get 'Em All !!

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Alas, my crack squad of level 1 plants haven't managed to score over 1m this week so far.


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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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I think 500K is achievable with F2P plants so I will keep working on this.  You are not that far off from 1M with power lily strategy so a few more fine tuning I am sure you can break 1M.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

I'm having a hard time keeping my plants in line lately, ever since kevin the intensive carrot got that job doing the Aldi commercial they've all been acting like prima donnas.

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Over two hours of practice, finally found a plant selection that would break 500K.  Large smile

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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

Finally managed to break 1m this week!



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Re: Level 1 mini forum.

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Wow, an impressive achievement 

(This even hold true with your oppoment's score, as I have only managed to get 1.5M with high level plants, guess I need to work harder  )

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