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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

by lawmfw

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Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Has anyone else noticed that Inzanity does not always reward with 20 seed packets ?


I thought maybe I was just not seeing the screen compete but just now I am certain that I finished Inzanity and there was no rewards !!

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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Seems to be ok for all of my profiles
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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Good.  Could just be me 'spacing out' at just the wrong moment one too many times !

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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Sometimes this could be geographical location/server issue.  Just keep your fingers crossed, things might get better soon


have a happy new year 🥳🥳🥳

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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Just happen again !!


I completed Inzanity and I did not receive the Pinata.


You do have to tap the Pinata for it to proceed right ??


I never touched the phone after tapping for completing the fifth lawn

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Re: Inzanity rewards 'bug' ?

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Happen today on my Android J7 phone  - finished all 5 Inzanity levels and then no reward or acknowledgement that I had completed Inzanity


PvZ2 just returned to the Travel Log and Inzanity was no logner there  

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