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Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

by eieio_31310

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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Best get your Imp Pear before it's over. It is NOT next seasons Arena plant.



"The Imp Pear quest is 2 weeks all up from Sep 3 through to Sep 17 , but it won't be next the Season plant."

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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I am oh so close - Level 1 now has 237 seed packets after completing the Imp Pear quest !!

Barring unforeseen events this weekend for certain ! 

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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Success for Level 1 and not a GEM spent to do so !  Love having two devices for PvZ2.  Almost have the 50 seeds for completing Level 1 and then I will spend GEMs during the week to bring Imp Pear top Level 5.

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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Got lucky and was able to add Imp Pear to my Zen only took ~20 sprouts to get him.


ImpPear Zen Garden

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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@eieio_31310 wrote:

@RogueYumei  Congrats.


@MAGICDAVESHROOM   25 seed packets three times?  I'm green with envy.

I got both profiles to level 6, mainly from the pinata party glitch which included six 25 seed imp-pear pinatas. I would like to take them higher because they seem like a powerfull plant but I'm not spending any more gems on seeds and I'm sick of pinata partying.

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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I hear you.  I am working on Imp Pear seed packets for Level 3 already for my Level 1 profile towards future consideration as I hope to bring it to level 5...but my Level 1 profile GEMs are low right now.


I only had one 25 Imp Pear seed packet from Pinata Party all week.  Lots of 3 and 5 though.

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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@lawmfw Gosh you guys are hard workers! I just managed to get it to level 4... methinks there will be some gem spendage - don't think I will manage to get 300 more seeds since I've been getting mainly 3-4 packets or none for 3 parties (carrots and garlic seems to love me atm) as Imp seeds is finishing in a few more days.
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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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Hard to believe that Dark Ages and Pinata Party are still providing Imp Pear seed packets !!


Just about to reach Level 5 Imp Pear but it will cost me a few hundred GEMs to do so by Monday -- Level 4 now

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Re: Imp Pear 'Sale' now on

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@lawmfw likewise! have had a busy weekend with not much time to spare. Will level as much as I can now!
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