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I need help with restore purchases

by TheGOD3424

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I need help with restore purchases

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I need help with this and fast as possible if you can please.EA is really on drugs with the micro-t.How does restore purchases actually work ?I don't really understand it even if i got some plants but some didn't on the other account.How long does it take to give the premium plant(with real money) to the other account and what plants can be restored .I bought the jack o lantern yesterday but i didn't got it even if i got another plants from that account

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Re: I need help with restore purchases

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Sorry but it's not that easy to understand what you are saying. Do you mean you have ONE account with several profiles.

Usually plants bought with real money will unlock on all profiles. However, there is a bug with the new store. If you buy plants in a bundle they won't unlock on all profile and you have to hit up support to unlock them for you. Was the Jack O'Lantern in a bundle?


Remember: Plants that can be unlocked with seed packets won't be shared between profiles.

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