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Have EA lost the plot?

by Humplemann

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Have EA lost the plot?

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What on Earth is going on with EA?


Has nobody told them that playing in Battlez matches is  MEANT  to be fun for the participants?


Don't they realize that these increasingly impossible arena setups and next to useless plants of the week that they are offering up are turning the matches into more of a chore rather than a pleasure?


I have just played 3 matches in the Aloe Tournament. I won all 3, but did not enjoy any of them one tiny bit. 


What in the hell is the point of having Tall Nuts in column 2? No matter what plant, attacking or Aloe for healing, you place in column 1 to protect them, the Tall Nuts will inevitably end up being destroyed and exposing your back position.


How could anyone believe that having repeated entire columns of Zombies appearing via Necromancy in column 3 was a good idea? Assuming players devise a means of disposing of them, all those Zombies are low scoring. If players don't get rid of them their scoring potential is severely compromised because the lawnmowers will be triggered over and over and killing Zombies further up the arena for no points.


I get over that by digging up the Tall Nuts to get the sun from them and replace them with Chard Guards and use Blovers to blow the Zombies away, but the scores from clearing those Zombies is STILL low.


We were told by EA at the outset that every effort should be made to restrict the Zombies to columns 8 and 9, maybe also column 7, to maximize our scores. They then choose to dump large numbers of Zombies in column 3, which is a low scoring zone!!  REALLY!!


I, for one, will not be playing any more Battlez matches until EA stop coming up with these c**p setups and bring back the element of fun.


I read a comment on Youtube from a P vs Z 2 player and video contributer. Their opinion of the Aloe arena was that it's "A mess".  I could think of several more words that would sum it up far better. 

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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The arena is the same for everyone, only the plants and levels change but i suspect this arena was designed to be a showcase for reinforce-mints.
So far i am top in brick with 13 wins and 1 loss. Mostly because
I suspect that it's going to take a while to sort out a good strategy.
I think I've found something that will give me around 250,000 so I'm going to run with it. My plants are level 2-3 and i bought aloe and don't use it. (theres 100 gems down the tubes).
Did EA ever have the plot to lose in the first place?
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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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So the best tip for this week's Aloe party is to leave it out... 

I inclined to agree.   Wondering

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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As the song goes "say aloe but wave goodbye."
I'm as fallible as anyone but i think level 5+ chard guard/blover combos will rack up the big points this week and as mine are level 3 i won't even try it.
(It's a lot less bovver with a blover!)
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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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Unfortunatly, I agree with you @Humplemann
Last week setup was not good with the lack of producing plant and a bad premium plant, but this week is even worst.
The only point to thoses Tall Nuts is to get ride of them at the beginning so you can have more suns...
And I don't see how you can have a good score if you don't abandon your first hard to protect and for a ridiculous amount of points .. :/
What will it be next week, necromancy in column 2 without infinite lawn mower ??


@MAGICDAVESHROOM Care to share your strategy in private ? Standard smile

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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I for one still enjoy this game no matter what challenge they bestow upon us. I learn how to implement different types of plants, attack and defensive, as well as learn new strategy combos that I otherwise might not come up with on my own. These battlez scenarios help me with tough adventure mode levels and endless rounds too. This weeks setup definitely showcases defensive plants. Its not about picking the same mundane level 10 Caulipower and Wasibi Whips to score over 5 million every single game every week. Its about learning to use all of the plants to your best advantage in order to defeat your opponents score.

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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@BBnot8 wrote:


What will it be next week, necromancy in column 2 without infinite lawn mower ??




Maybe columns 2 thru 9 filled up with Dave's spores. No starting sun and no sun producing plants. Then players restricted to only the basic Peashooter while facing up to a tsunami of Gargantuars? 


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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

★★ Guide

I partially agree with you on that.
That's right that you have to adapt your strategy and not doing the same think every week, use different plants, etc. That should be the main idea with Battlez.
But the problem is, if you don't have some specific premium plants, high level plants or master a specific combo, you can't really have a good strategy.

Last week there was no suns producing plant but gold bloom was allowed. I'm pretty sure premium players which are using gold bloom every week did not change their strategy at all while player without gold bloom had to. Why allowing gold bloom then ?

For this week, it seems that one of the best strategy (if not the only strategy really optimal) is to use the combo chard guard + blover. Which is not a new combo at all, it had been used before in Battlez as far as I know. So for thoses who master this combo it's not really a new strategy. But for others it is really tricky either you don't use that combo and your strategy is not optimal at all either you have to learn how to use the combo with the perfect timing.

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Re: Have EA lost the plot?

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I have just played 28 matches trying out various strategies without getting over 250,000 trying to suss out this arena and about the only thing i haven't tried is cannon on the back row.
I think the EAvil plans department have a large stock of unsold wasabi whips (i don't have it or want it).
Even massed ranks of caulipowers or electric blueberries didn't have the desired effect.
Nighty night 🌙 zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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