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Free Coins/Gems not working

by JBlak

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Free Coins/Gems not working

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Free Coins/Gems not working.


Whenever I use the free coins/gems button it disappears for hours after a single use.  This is very problematic because it destroys the ability to level up my plants.


I have tried power cycling the iPad, resetting the advertising ID on my iPad, turning off/on Game Center, re-installing PvZ2.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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I have no daily or world challenges any more either, so this is how PVZ2 is working for me - I win a match in Battlez, then I lose 2 matches to players who have purchased premium plants like Caulipower, Goldbloom and Imitator, I eventually run out of gauntlets, so now there is nothing to do in PVZ2.


I click on "Free Gems", the screen flashes and then - poof - no gems.


That's the special kick in the nuts that puts the icing on the cake for this PVZ2 update.

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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This was always a bit buggy, but since the introduction of BattleZ it is  catastrophically broken. Besides all the issues of what is wrong with how they’ve changes the “standard” game after BattleZ (see other posts), the elimination —- hopefully temporary — of 4 hour quests, no gems, no money for ads etc. There can be many hours with NOTHING to do. I might as well be a kid who can’t go out to play in the rain. We need 4 hour quests, gems and coins, AND we arenkt forces to play BattleZ. BTW, I say this as someone coming in first, but only because there is nothing else to do

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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I agree, its catastrophic.  There doesn’t seem to be a solution, and EA is all but refusing to help.


I sent them a lot of information concerning the troubleshooting steps that I took. They stopped responding and closed my tickets.


I wonder if we could sue them.  I made a number of in-app purchases specifically to enjoy this game.  Which due to these issues I cannot.  In the US a product must perform as stated and be fit for the purpose for which you purchased it.  In this case that does not seem to be the case.


I just wish they would pay attention and help resolve issues.  I feel so completely disrespected by EA.  I spent a lot of Monday and all they did was ignore me.  I think that it may in fact be reasonable to sue them in small claims court just so that I can speak to someone.


There doesn’t seem to be any escalation or even the ability to call them.


Please post any information you find out.

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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Its kind of funny - you have a consumer who is volunteering to watch a commercial - but EA can't deliver a commercial?  


I don't know if that speaks to PVZ2's lack of sponsors or bad programming...  That is a monumental fail.

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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They had a game that kept people engaged for hours, periodically watching commercials and continually playing the game, and then they changed it to where the customer/player runs out of things to do in the game and ends up putting the game down for lack of things to do.  


Its like they're begging you to go find other games to play.


I take 2 tries at Battlez - the 2 free plays and thats it.  Battlez is too boring to play more than twice.  Even if I were kicking * and beating all the other players - it is monotonous and tedious.


The same field over and over and over and over again.


I'd rather watch commercials than play Battlez but they can't even deliver commercials !!!

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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Actually, something strange is happening. My girlfriend and I, both play Plants vs Zombies 2. Everything was fine about 9 or 10 days ago. We both live in Germany and went on holidays to Czech Republic. It was after we came back from there, that neither of us could watch video ads. Neither her nor my game can display ads. We have tried playing on each other's device, with our respective accounts, and nothing changes.
I also have a second username, a brand new one, and I am still not getting ads. Something happened during or after that trip, that is affecting us both. I also have played the game on a second device I own. That is, I have tried playing with my account on three different devices, and the results are the same. I've done the same for my girlfriend.
We've deleted cache, deleted data, restarted the game, reinstalled the game, and still, nothing happens. No Free Gems, No Free Gauntlets, No Free Coins. Frown
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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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Almost the same story for me

  • living in germany
  • tried my account on 3 different devices
  • no free gems, coins, or gauntlets

Though: No trip to czech republic Wink


Let me add some experience

  • tried in different wireless networks and cell-providers-networks with no different result
  • from time to time i see some adds inbetween levels
    But it´s always one of the same three

So my guess it´s a broken ad-service; maybe limited to Germay/Europe. But some adds seem to be cached on the local device.

From another device, another time long ago and another game i do remember there was a limited game experienace when the device was rooted and an add-blocker was activated.

Though none of the mentioned devices in tried PvZ2 on is or was rooted before; nor is an add-blocker installed!

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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I am in USA and have not had Free Gems or Free Gauntlets for the past two weeks.  This does put one at a disadvantage if you are unwilling or unable to buy Gems or coins.  I hope that is not the intention of EA as I am not pleased to have spent some money and now changes would require spending even more just to keep up ?

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Re: Free Coins/Gems not working

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Community Manager

@lawmfw Hi, can you try clearing your app's cache or even restart your device? Hopefully that should let you earn some free currencies again. 


If you search for your OS type and number, and "clear cache" you should find the appropriate steps. 


Edit: I see you put your phone in another thread, can you check the steps here?

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