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EA new mega bot form of cheating

by debeee65

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

Great score! I'm maxing at 475,000...

And I think I encountered "caroline" just last week (week 35 battlez) and also beat it. Yes, I see the same pattern where after a long streak of wins it gives you a (possibly bot) strong profile opponent. And as you mentioned, after weathering it, it goes back to the normal levels. And I was in soil league last week so I guess league level doesn't matter...

I'm curious on your strategy to get that score...
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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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I’m seeing these M 200 level plants now almost every time I get a streak of around 10.  I too refuse to pay to extend my streak as I did it once and found that the next time you lose it costs you double the 10 gems it costs for your first loss.  I figured ea probably has the streak system set up just like they have the coins necessary to level up, starting @ 10 and ending @ God knows where.  I’m old enough to remember back when if you wanted to play a game you bought it for $10 and you played it as long as you wanted with no additional charges.  It’s mind boggling for me to just imagine what some people will pay to play.

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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I agree with you 100 per cent.  My sentiments exactly !

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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Here's an update on the EA Mega Bots.  The good news is that I continue to beat them in current Battlez matches. Screenshot shows the latest beast that should have beaten me easily but didn’t.  So I stick to my hypothesis that the scores are just as fictional as the plants that these opponents have.  The truth is I have no idea what is going on, but I'm not as negative to these Bots as I once was.


My streak is now up to 245, whereas in previous Battlez matches I could not get past 15 or so.  Clearly I have been very lucky to hit upon the optimal plant selection and strategy. 

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating


I guess they set a threshold (for the bot scores) so it won't be too obvious? And aside from the two 500k's I encountered (and lost), the threshold seems to be 460k. Anything below that and you'll lose to the (possibly) bot profile. I got this figure as I was trying different strategies on live battlez (already used up my practice room) and mentally noted the (possibly bot) scores. I'm lossless after that since I'm consistently hitting the 480k's now. Still aiming for 500k though...


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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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I don't understand why people get so upset over players who cheat by rooting their phone and hacking the game but they tolerate EA's shenanigans when EA is the biggest cheater out of anyone.


Whether they just make up arbitrary player names with random plants and assign arbitrary scores or they create super-bots  that beat you - EA is engaging n deceptive, dishonest practices.


In the regular adventure game if they want to throw a super-powered Zomboss at you or a thousand gargantuans - that's OK, they can do that, but in Battlez, they're pretending to be a real live player - they're lying, and they're enforcing losses after x number of wins (for most people it is 6 or 7 wins).


It's BS !


And then these fricken bastages pretend to be so concerned about tracking down and expelling cheaters.


Expel yourselves EA, you fargin ice holes !!!

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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Improving the EA_bots ?


Week 37 Power Lilly - below configuration scored 1.1M which I barely beat with just over 1.2M (I have M70 Shadow Peashooter)


Level 10  Power Lilly

Level 10  Gold Bloom

Level 5    MoonFlower

Level 4    Dusk Lobber

Level 6    GrimRose

Level 10  Shadow Shroom (how can this plant be at level 10 with the others area ll below level 7 ?)


this is thousands of seed packets more for one plant in the family...

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

"Lawn of Doom" piñatas Standard smile

My shadow shroom and grimrose are miles ahead of its family. I spammed those piñatas when I was trying to level up shadow pea.
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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating


Guess what's wrong with this image. I still won though.


His/her/its score was 3.2M. That's the highest threshold so far...

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Re: EA new mega bot form of cheating

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Level 11 Power Lilly ?


Over 3M ??  yikes !  That will beat me hands down for sure.


Here is another one this morning that I barely beat and only because, thank you MagicDave, I finally purchased Caulipower and was using it duplicated !!


I won 1.718M over a score of 1.576M


Power Lilly                Level 7

Primal SunFlower     Level 6

Primal Potato Mine   Level 4

Cherry Bomb            Level 4

Winter Melon            Level 9

Primal PeaShooter  L:evel 10


and yes, I did the same as you for Shadow Shroom and GrimRose while it was available but they are not 4 levels apart from each other !!

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