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Re: Do you like Dragon Fruit?!

by QuakersNCheese10

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Do you like Dragon Fruit?!

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Dear EA,

I really like PvZ2 but I think that it is missing a lot of characters. I've always wanted to have my own idea in a PvZ game. So I was wondering if you could add this character I made to the game. Name: Dragon-Fruit Recharge: 45 Toughness: 350 Sun Cost: 550 Dragon-Fruit shoots a ball of fire at zombies in any lane. When a zombie comes close to Dragon-Fruit eats it but cannot do any damage for 35 seconds. Almanac: Dragon-Fruit prefers zombies cooked. Plant food: same as Compers.WIN_20190813_19_38_42_Pro.jpgSo to conclude please add my character to PvZ2. Get back to me soon.



P.S. I'll have more ideas coming soon!

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Re: Do you like Dragon Fruit?!

★★★★ Novice

Reply if you like my idea and want it in the game.

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Re: Do you like Dragon Fruit?!

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This idea has been met in the Chinese version a few years ago.  Yes it would have been nice to bring some of the exotic fruit or plants available over to the international version.


The Dragon Fruit on Chinese version of PVZ2

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Re: Do you like Dragon Fruit?!

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Thank you for commenting. 

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