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Re: Do costumes do anything?


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Re: Do costumes do anything?

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Also found out that costumes do have an effect when plantfood is applied (according to fandom). I'm going to check this out and will probably start a new post.

I saw something about that, but I think it applies in the Chinese version only.

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Re: Do costumes do anything?

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According to fandom all costumes have an effect when plantfood is applied. I tried applying plantfood to my L4 primal mine (according to fandom 3 mines should be generated instead of 2) in the same adventure mode level 3 times each and i found no difference, each time 2 mines were generated. It would make sense for there to be a noticeable benefit with costumes as this would encourage us to buy them so increasing EA's revenues. I have a few costumed plants and i can't say I've noticed any difference with or without.
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Re: Do costumes do anything?

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I don't know what Fandom is, but it sounds like they have their own heads stuck up their roots. 


Now, if only there really was such a benefit to costumes, then I really would consider spending gems on costumes. Otherwise, all I have to say to EA for expecting us to spend Gems on pointless pixels is...



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Re: Do costumes do anything?

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Here's a converse thought - with absolutely nothing to back it up. But who knows?


What if those costumes actually had a detrimental effect during Battlez? What if the small amounts of time taken while redrawing those extra few pixels that make up the costumes actually slowed down the game for the player?


With one plant it would make hardly any difference, but what about when you have 20, 30, or 40? Especially those that, like the Dusk Lobber as an example, move a lot during its lobbing cycle.)


The game mechanics are geared around the stock plants, but who's to say that each plant with their appearances altered doesn't take a few micro-seconds longer to cycle through their various animation sequences?


Like I said - just a thought. 

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Re: Do costumes do anything?

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I don't know what Fandom is, but it sounds like they have their own heads stuck up their roots


If i need to know anything about a plant i do a Google search and usually the fandom site is near the top. It has a lot of info about plant stats and upgrade costs and the only errors I've encountered so far are about costumes. It may be that costumes may have noticeable benefits in other regions or have to be at a certain level. I did the primal mine experiment as 3 mines instead of 2 is an easy thing to check and asking EA anything seems to be pointless. I usually put the union flag at the end of my posts, not because I'm an ultra-nationalist but so other players know what region I'm in.


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