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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

by lawmfw

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Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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Dazey Chain Pinata is in store for 25 gems for 10 Dazey + 10 seeds from the contain-mint family. Got a few Blover and Stallia seeds hooray!

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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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Thx for the heads up on this.  I will have to turn in some GEMs and bring Dazey Chain even higher !!

(L6 at least for starters)


Very few Blover or Hurikale seed packets (as to be expected).


Spend 250 GEMs and you will get at least 10 Blover seed packets...

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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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I got 20 Blover Seeds! :D


@lawmfw  do you think it's a plant worthy of levelling up?

The stat table is as follows:

LevelSun CostCooldown (sec)HitpointsWhite Bloom projectile damagePink Bloom projectile damageRed Bloom projectile damageWhite * cloud stun (sec)Pink * cloud stun (sec)Red * cloud stun (sec)
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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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3300 seed packets to go from Level 5 to Level 10

250 GEMs gets you ~110 seed packets...

cost is ~7500 GEMs !!


maybe do 3 levels which is only 1500 seed packets


Dazey Chain (DC) is pretty powerful - I did some testing when it first came out - there are a few Dazey Chain threads with details and screenshots.  sorry, no videos.  If I learn any more about how to use my Smartphone I will go stark raving mad !!

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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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Wow, that's a lot of gems. But I'm pretty sure some of you have stockpiled that many Standard smile

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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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Wow... that's a lot of gems... just got mine up to level 6. I need... 1250 gems (500 seeds) to get it to level 7...


You're right @lawmfw  Dazey seems quite powerful if given time for it to build up it's charges.


Slingpea tournament next! Means I get a chance to level it up :D

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Re: Dazey Chain Pinata - 25 Gems

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Awesome !!   Arena slot #7 is 30 Dazey Chain seed packets for Gold League (anyway).


Guess I will be playing a little bit afterall. LOL

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