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Crash and loss of streak

by 1234DWK

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Crash and loss of streak

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Sometimes the game crashes, as it happens with practically all the programs, I can understand and accept it. The problem is that after such a crash it is impossible to restore the streak, though in case of loss you can pay the penalty and continue it.
I understand that it is practically impossible to distinguish between real crash and forced by cheating user crash, I can even understand that it could be difficult to record the score right before the crash (to see who was indeed winning to keep fair game play approach). But such real crashes do not happen often, so why not to let user count it as a loss? For example, my streak was slightly above 700, and I would gladly pay the penalty (less than 100 gems) even after such a crash (I did not have any crashes from May, when the version after update became unstable, but it was fixed almost immediately)!

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

I've actually had 7 streak crashes now and. Losing my streak is the thing i find most annoying about pvz2 and should be made a priority once they've sorted out the bEAgs 🐛(pronounced bugs).

All i can suggest is that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, charged up device and you close down any background programs as pvz2 is quite ram hungry and running out of ram can cause a crash.

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

[ Edited ]

8th streak crash.

Can't remember what number i was on (150ish) but i was on the 2x multiplyer.

Nothing happened, didn't lose, didn't crash, have good connection and even shut down other apps to save ram yet i just opened up battlez and it had reset for no reason. WTF EA?

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

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Running out of RAM can cause a crash ?


How is that possible ?  How could it be addressed seeing as there are so many varieties of devices in use !!

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

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The crashes happen to me whenever an ad appears, like immediately after a Battlez match. I contacted EA about it last week, and they act like its not the problem, though I believe it is.There is also a problem with coins and gems growing in huge numbers. They asked me to uninstall and reinstall the game, and they changed again.

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

You've got the resources doubling bug🐛, which is great at first and they are working on it.

I'm lucky in that it only hit me once.

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

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I was really angry yesterday, the loss of 8x multiplier was a big deal (I only had once 2x multiplier before for a short time). I had less that 100 gems penalty with ~1000 to spare. WIFI was perfect, phone was fully charged, the game simply crashed... But indeed I had 2 other programs running, Chrome and Telegram. It did not make a lot of sense to me to close everything else when you play PVZ2.Probably, if I will ever get to good multiplier, I will try to remember that advice, thanks..
EA assumes that crashes cannot happen in their 100% reliable programs, in the result they do not take any steps to handle them. But even loss of WiFi or data connection, dead battery, or even accepting some video Skype call can easily stop, crash or unload the program. And that case is absolutely obvious, so I do not understand why EA treats us so poorly..

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Re: Crash and loss of streak

I don't know why my streak crashed for the 8th time, i just opened up battlez and it had gone.

I've heard of people losing streaks merely from getting a phone call mid match.

It's ridiculous that with all the data pvz2 saves such as coins, plant levels, plant purchases etc.  then it can't remember such an important piece of data such as a streak number. 

If you complain to EA HELP CENTER you might get some gems as compensation.

All i can suggest is that if you're an American 🇺🇸 then put them up for another golden poo award for being America's worst company.


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Re: Crash and loss of streak

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Anyone remember Ender's Game ?


You did not hear this from me but EA is really a secret government division (hence the poor customer support) working on a program to find the most patient and persistent players around the world...


Can not tell you why else I would have to terminate you.

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Re: Crash and loss of streak


(End of transmission).

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