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by legitwhit23

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With all the issues happening it would be courteous of EA or the developers of PVZ 2 to compensate for the time wasted, and for losing out on updgrading a plant because of the games failure. Does EA or the developers do that? Like compensate with a paid for plant? 



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Re: Compensation

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EA usually have a 10 coin goodiebag in the online shop shortly after they screw up so keep your eyes open.

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Re: Compensation

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And often, the 10-coin goodiebag SCREWS UP too!


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Re: Compensation

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Make all premium plants gemium plants for a week ! Tongue out

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Re: Compensation

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If you made all premium plants gemium for a week without lots of warning then how many of us would have the hundreds of gems needed to buy them?
I usually keep 150 in reserve but anyone who is THAT gem rich probably has the premium plants anyway and those that don't have enough gems would have to buy gems from the store thus making EA even richer. With a few exceptions I'm not going to buy any more premium plants because i keep on getting seed packets for plants i don't want and if i do buy them i have so many seed packets then i can upgrade them by at least 3 levels but i still have to pay increasingly large ammounts of coins to upgrade them and with every new plant they dream up then they put out more pinatas with seed packets i don't need at the expense of the seed packets i do need. I've had so many wasabi whip seed packets i could probably take it to L5 or 6 immediately but i don't either want or need it. I've had to do a lot of ad farming today to replenish my coins as I've upgraded a few plants that i very rarely use.
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Re: Compensation

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@BBnot8 wrote:

Make all premium plants gemium plants for a week ! Tongue out

I hate to disillusion you on this, but unless you already possess a large stock of Gems, or get plenty of advance warning of such a scheme so you can save them up, using Gems to purchase Premium Plants works out more expensive than a straight purchase using your credit card. 


Assuming someone needs to buy some Gems to finance such an arrangement, the 'Best Value' deal is 1800 Gems for £/$99.99 (Don't know € cost) Based on £ or $ this works out at 0.055 per Gem. We usually have/had to pay 100 Gems for Gemium Plants, so 0.055 x 100 = £/$5.56.


Purchasing a Premium Plant usually costs £/$4.99. Therefore, the monetary cost of using Gems is £/$0.57 more expensive.


This is, as I said, based on the 'Best Value' option.Other available Gem purchasing options would work out to be even more expensive

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Re: Compensation

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I don't think that all premium plants are really interesting tbh, maybe 4 or 5 of them.
But anyways they would never do that let's be realistic ! Tongue out

I do think they should do a compensation, considering all the time with spend playing and on watching ads, all the money that some players invest but what would be a good compensation ?

A pinata for 10 coins like the one we have after community challenge ?
I think it would be the best option and fair for everyone

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Re: Compensation

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What I thought was odd is how certain premium plants can only be received by purchase on plastic.


Most other games I know give out their premium vehicles (whatever you want to call it) not just for credit card purchases, but also as bonuses for hard earned missions carried out etc.


Of course, the catch is when you do the missions, usually you get short-changed more than just slapping down your credit card in the first place.  Standard smile

It's generally a trap.


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