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Re: 'Claim Arena free plays' not working

by wadebear

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'Claim Arena free plays' not working

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I haven't been able to complete the "Claim Arena free plays!" missions in the Travel Log for the last 2 days.  I open the game, log in, play a level to give it time to connect to the game server but I don't get credit for claiming the free plays.

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Re: 'Claim Arena free plays' not working

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Complain to EA HELP CENTER (below).

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Re: 'Claim Arena free plays' not working

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I know this sounds silly but did you refresh the travel log before entering the 'Free Play' ?


I ask because there has been a known bug for years that the travel log failed to update automatically when the new session starts.  So next time you get a Free Play, do try entering the travel log first (and force it to update) before using your free plays, it should then be registered towards the daily 2x free play quest for 6 gems.

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Re: 'Claim Arena free plays' not working

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Yes, that's part of why I have to play a round of something.  Then I go to the travel log and hit the tabs and close it and re-open it and hit the tabs...


Sometimes I have to play another round of endless or Vasebreaker (or sit there listening to the annoying music) so more time will pass.

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Re: 'Claim Arena free plays' not working

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Complain to EA HELP CENTER (below).

Yeah, 'cause that's gonna get things fixed.  Right...


Oh, I was logged in under the wrong ID.  That's why my avatar was missing.  Well now you can see that I used to be a Hero here (I think) so I know how things work.  Which is to say: get enough complaints in these forums and they might fix things.  Maybe.

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