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Cheating in Battlez

by Milic90

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Cheating in Battlez

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First picture is proof that game game developer are cheating players. First plant is always locked and both players same. How is that possible that my opponent had different first plant???

In second and third picture my opponent manage to score great score with * combination(without sun producing plant). Its not possible that that combination can reach that score. Playing with shadow plants without Moonflower is stupidity because efficiency all shadow plants is greatly reduced. How is then posible that combination in picture reach 834.575 points????

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Accepted Solution

Cheating in Battlez

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Community Manager

I've taken the time to merge your posts into one thread as they are all on the same subject. I apologize for your experiences with this game mode and I assure you that we've heard your feedback. In fact we wrote up a post to reply to this and pinned it to the top of the forum:


Reporting cheaters & what we are doing?


I've removed all of the screenshots showing other players screen names here as publicly calling out players is considered which is against our forum rules. 







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Seemingly impossible scores by opponents with all level one plants

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It has been bad enough over the weeks for most players in Battlez matches having to contend with opponents who have their plants at max level, whether they have been been earned, purchased or otherwise. In such confrontations the player without the maxed out plants almost invariably loses. . . . These glaring disparities have been pointed out before, yet EA seem either unable or unwilling to address the issue.


To make matters even worse, there now seems to be a new breed of virtually unbeatable players. Over the past couple of weeks I have started losing matches to opponents with vastly superior scores to mine, only to find their plants are all at Level One!!


How is that even possible? PLEASE don't even attempt to suggest that they are using superior tactics.


My plants are in the 6 to 8 level range, yet an opponent with all level one plants scores almost twice as many points as me!!!  REALLY!!??


During this week's Lightening Reed matches I have been averaging 1.2 to 1.5 million points, yet opponents with level one plants can score over 2 million!!


This cannot possibly be legit.


Have others had experiences of this happening?

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Re: Seemingly impossible scores by opponents with all level one plants

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They are obviously using some value changer via a rooted phone or bluestacks (cheat engine), since the Battlez score is client sided
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Cheating in Battlez

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I have powerful high level plants and I won almost all BATTLEZ. But I am very disappointed, because my feeling is that I got frequently fake opponents. Is it possible that I got opponents with the same plants, selected in the same order and the same level? Is it possible that the they always got the same score? I don't think so...


Is there anybody who can explain?



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More screenshot (same plants, same order, same level, same score: 844,500)


Must be a fake!

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Re: Seemingly impossible scores by opponents with all level one plants

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Similar problems for me, see my topic:



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@oo-Cindy-ooo - I agree, this HAS to be 100% fake. 


It's like another variation of something I've noticed over the past couple of weeks where players with all Level One plants are getting ridiculously high scores.


My first thought is that the opponents you've been unfortunate enough to be confronted by, and the ones I've seen, are, in fact, bots placed into the Battlez environment by EA with two purposes.


The first is possibly an attempt by EA to make it appear that the Battlez mode is far more popular than the reality by making it seem that there are far more human players wanting to participate in the matches than there actually are.


The second, and of far more concern to me, is they would appear to be there with the specific purpose of terminating the reward streaks of successful human players and thus either saving EA having to pay out ever increasing levels of rewards, or to boost their income through players needing to sacrifice Gems (AKA money) to retain their streak.



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See my post in the main "Battlez" thread started by EA_Rager regarding this.

Nobody has ever played anyone in real time with Battlez. At best, your playing against somebody else's recorded scoring.

EA's game engine IS cherry picking opponents (real or otherwise) for you.

Pick your own conspiracy theory as to how the game engine is programmed to do this.
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New Hacks

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After hackers seem to have diminished, they've come back with another hack, I'll let the picture they shared on facebook, beware with this kind of players.

I hope EA could do something No hay texto alternativo automático disponible.

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Well, its one thing when bots are used to facilitate game flow, and they're basically fodder, but its another thing when they're used to end winning streaks of players who are on a roll.

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